MONICA S. CAMIN; “Perpetually Settling Dust; Art as a Memoir” Exhibit Monmouth Museum thru July 31, 2022 by Calvin Schwartz June 24, 2022

MONICA S. CAMIN; “Perpetually Settling Dust; Art as a Memoir” Exhibit Monmouth Museum thru July 31, 2022 by Calvin Schwartz



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MONICA CAMIN exhibit at Monmouth Museum “Perpetually Settling Dust; Art as Memoir”

Pix(2) Monica Camin, middle

Now through July 31st, 2022




Monmouth Museum:


MONICA CAMIN and NEO LATINO Artists appeared on N J Discover TV:



“I am inspired by childhood memories, ancestral stories, and social progress. Through my art, I engage my doubts and seek answers from an emotional perspective.

I am an Argentine born, NJ and Texas-based artist. In the work presented here I examine my roots as the daughter of German-Jews who escaped the worst years of the Holocaust and found refuge in Argentina. The questions I explore in much of my work straddle the experiences of being brought up as the daughter of immigrants in Latin America and the experiences of personal immigration and identity in my adulthood as I emigrated to Israel and then the United States.


Monica S Camin (middle) Calvin Schwartz (obviously on right)


While the catalysts for the movement between countries differ vastly, the commonality is that the culture and communities which so strongly shape our identity and understanding of the world in which we live are uprooted, causing us to seek out and reinvent the stories that make us whole. I sift through my ancestral stories in order to connect to those roots that have been torn from their origins and to remember, and pass on the stories of a living history whose survivors are aging.

I have been exhibiting my work across the globe since the late 70s, with solo exhibitions spanning New York City, New Jersey, Florida, and Buenos Aires, and residencies in Buenos Aires in 2015 and San Miguel de Allende, MX in 2000. In 2011, I completed and published a full-color 125 page bilingual memoir titled Mi niñez fue tan pintoresca/My childhood was so colorful. In 2016, I curated my first museum exhibition Neo-Latin

Critical Mass at the Monmouth Museum, NJ.

I am a member of the Neo-Latino collective, a group of artists dedicated to promoting the contemporary Latino experience in the United States; and I am a founding Board Member of c3:initiative, a non-profit art space in Portland, Oregon committed to process-based exploration.” 

CALVIN SCHWARTZ :  “This was a moving, emotional, introspective, wondrous exhibit. It transported me which is a special feeling in part brought on by identification. I continually marvel  at the artistry of Monica Camin. Again here is her interview on NJ Discover TV.”**

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