Female Voice Talent

If your script requires a woman’s voice, you’ve come to the right place. Our female talents are second to none! These ladies can provide you with any style & tempo you’re looking for. Soft, friendly, sultry, funny, or excited, we have the female talent we know you’re gonna love.

Listen NJ Discover Female Voice Over Talent
Anita Westra: Crisp, Personable, Versatile: A voice with great range. She has the ability to be upbeat and friendly one moment and sexy, sultry and breathy the next. She has a real gift for playing a conversational part.
Cassidy Reed: Youthful, Versatile, Friendly: Perfect for any spot appealing to a youthful audience. Cassidy can put you at ease with her friendly style or add a little drama to your script
Mary Turner: Energetic, Confident, Sultry. Mary can range from sultry to very energetic. A very professional delivery that can bring people into your store!
Debra James: Sultry, Professional, Friendly: A great personality…like your best friend. She’s a pro at spots that need a sexy, sultry tone. And can also turn up the intensity with her rock n roll attitude.
India Barton Rose: Inviting, Confident, Caring: A great voice that inspires confidence. And if you need a sultry read, she can do that too. Upbeat, friendly and caring reads are well within her range.
Kendra Collins: Professional, Versatile, Personable: A very versatile voice that can appeal to a younger or more mature crowd. Sincere, tender and compassionate reads are a snap and she can also add a sense of fun to a spot.
Genny Brown: Youthful, Fresh, Inviting: An excellent choice for projects requiring a girl-next-door or soccer mom. She has great energy but is also able to slow things down and draw you in. She can deliver dramatic reads as well.
Emma Simpson: Smooth, Personable, Versatile. Emma is a polished voice talent who has a very versatile range from smooth and warm to personable and bubbly.

Male Voice Talent

Versatile best describes our World Class male voice talent. Whether it’s a high energy hard sell or a friendly, conversational read, you’ll find the exact male talent you’re looking for. Whatever your project, these are the pros that’ll get it done the way you want it.

Listen NJ Discover Male Voice Over Talent
Hugh Kelly: Clean, Crisp, Versatile: Not only is he the right choice for friendly, down home voiceovers, he can also make a serious and dramatic read stand out. He also has several characters in his repertoire that can make your next humorous production hilarious.
Bob Olson: Strong, Firm, Pleasant: Versatility is the name of the game. From dramatic spots to friendly reads to voiceovers with an edge he’ll fit the bill. He’s great as the guy next door or to add a little romance to a spot.
Billy Surf: Crisp, Youthful, Energetic: An excellent choice for any spot needing a youthful attitude. Billy can bring a lot of enthusiasm to a spot, but he can also take it down a notch. He’s also great at conversational reads for acting type spots.
Jim Stone: Smooth, Mellow, Mature: Here’s a mature voice that has a real fatherly quality. He’s the right choice for a read that needs to be smooth and mellow or one that needs the voice of a long time friend.
Johnny Dean: Exciting, High-Energy, Strong: A powerful voice for a wide range of uses. The perfect choice for high energy, hard sells. He can also add some drama or suspense to your reads. His voice exudes attitude and confidence.
Kelton Bivins: African American, Excitable, Smooth: A talent with the ability to make a read silky smooth and then turn around and provide you with a high energy, excited hard-sell read. He can also add some urban flavor to your next production
Marty Moran: Young, Fresh, Light: He has a knack for reads that are smooth and flowing or filled with upbeat, youthful vigor. And if you need a lighthearted or comical voiceover he can do that too.
Russ Russ: Rugged, Strong, Resonant: Russ’s legendary deep voice is perfect for a movie trailer type of voiceover. He also has no trouble providing a friendly and warm voiceover or one that has a bit of an edge to it.
Scott Moore: Sporty, Enthusiastic, Upbeat: An ideal candidate for a spot that needs a sports fan or announcer feel. He’s full of upbeat, energetic, enthusiasm but when he tones things down, he’s great for casual and friendly spots too.
Howard Hart: Friendly, Clean, Excitable: A talent with a mature sound that can be serious and authoritative or have a casual feel. He’s also highly excitable and should be kept in mind for your next hard sell.
Tim Michaels: Friendly, Conversational, Smooth: Tim’s voice has an easy way about it. His natural delivery will draw listeners in and make them comfortable with your product.
Billy Asher: Crisp, Youthful, Energetic: An excellent choice for any spot needing a youthful attitude. Billy can bring a lot of enthusiasm to a spot, but he can also take it down a notch. He’s also great at conversational reads for acting type spots.
Keith Anderson: Friendly, Conversational, Authoritative: Keith Anderson’s voice has a smooth rich tone that is not too heavy. That makes Keith perfect for light reads with a touch of strength. He can also sell or image your product without going overboard.
Mark Stevens: Exciting, High-Energy, Friendly; Mark’s natural excitement is a great choice for giving a lot of energy to your spot. His softer reads convey a very friendly quality.