NJ DISCOVER SPOTLIGHT EXCLUSIVE: TWO SPECIAL BOOKS: “Puerto Rico Strong-A Comics Anthology Supporting Puerto Rico Disaster Relief and Recovery” AND “Humdinger” The Story of Artist, Sculptor Michael Allen Malpass by Calvin Schwartz March 18, 2018

NJ DISCOVER SPOTLIGHT EXCLUSIVE:  TWO SPECIAL BOOKS: “Puerto Rico Strong-A Comics Anthology Supporting Puerto Rico Disaster Relief and Recovery” AND “Humdinger” The Story of Artist, Sculptor Michael Allen Malpass      by Calvin Schwartz      March 18, 2018







with my copy of “Humdinger”

with my copy of Puerto Rico Strong



NJ Discover has a long-standing commitment to art, film, music, so this spotlight becomes a perfect vehicle to promulgate two distinct books, with particularly close ties to the NJ Discover family. I’ve never been short of words, and owing to these special circumstances, I could easily deposit a few volumes at this juncture, but I’ll let these works of art and accomplishment speak.






editor, contributing writer Neil Schwartz (and Quinn)


Neil Schwartz, a guest on NJ Discover LIVE TV Show


An introduction. Firstly, “Puerto Rico Strong-A Comics Anthology” in part, was edited by my son Neil Schwartz (and “my extended son, Derek Ruiz”) who both contributed stories as well, and was published by Lion Forge. What has to be so impressive, is the idea for this anthology, where all proceeds of the sale of the comic anthology go to support Puerto Rico Disaster Relief and Recover, was born soon after Hurricane Maria hit the island. This is not a by-product of current media and TV coverage, but carefully planned for a long time. Neil was a recent guest on NJ Discover LIVE TV Show in January, when he spoke about the project. Amazon, as of a few days ago started shipping the anthology which is setting sales records, climbing to number one in several categories in a matter of days. The anthology is a work of art, love, caring and emotion. I treasure my copy.

What is so very relevant, Puerto Rico is still in dire need of aid – there are even people still without power almost 6 months after the storms. Purchasing the anthology, helps to send money to Puerto Rico and messages of hope and caring.

Purchasing the anthology, can be done in your local comic book store (I just did a local comic book store in Manalapan today) OR at Amazon:   http://amzn.to/2phZfG3



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Dan Rather, CBS News Tweet on Puerto Rico Strong

Media has been very responsive to the Anthology:

Washington Post Interview:     http://wapo.st/2peCLWh



ALSO attached screen shot of recent Tweet by Dan Rather CBS News

Neil Schwartz appearance on NJ Discover LIVE TV Show  Jan 15thhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=435&v=RcujB4P8aI0


editor & contributor Derek Ruiz











artist Michael A. Malpass in his studio

Secondly, “Humdinger” by Michael A. Malpass  is a magnificent work of art itself; a fitting testimonial to the art and life of artist, sculptor Michael Allen Malpass, a New Jersey artist, whose work over a very short life, is enduring, and memorialized in this incredible tribute book compiled, and edited by his son Michael A.  Malpass.

Where do I arrive?  A few summers ago, I heard/met the artist’s granddaughter Mackenzie Malpass, who sang the National Anthem at a Sky-Blue PC Professional Women’s Soccer game, where NJ Discover was doing the live broadcasting. Life is synchronicity and destiny. A few months later, I was at Monmouth University Pollak Gallery for an exhibition of Michael A. Malpass sculpture and art, which completely mesmerized, fascinated and took me on that magic carpet of discovery; how could I have missed the art, innovation and dedication of Michael Malpass?



son, author, Michael A. Malpass


A short time later, a documentary film on his life was shown at Monmouth University. Of course, I was there filling my soul with his work and life. When you see the art in person, it will move, grasp and emote you. For me, Michael Malpass is enveloped in such joy of creativity and sadness, on such a short life lived and so much living yet to do. The work of his son in creating this book “Humdinger” is such a perfect illumination of his father’s work. For me, opinionated, enamored with the artist, I urge so many to check this book out for so many reasons, including finding a place in your libraries and coffee tables of substance.

Next, a short biography of the artist from the website www.michaelmalpass.com which should be seen.

“Michael Allen Malpass was born to be an artist. Whether he chose to follow his calling, or could not help but choose, matters little. That he did so, and in an in an all-consuming way, is what made his life and art extraordinary. His relentless pursuit, his belief in the process of working, making art in virtually every moment, can only explain how a young artist could create such a large body of fine work in such a short time. It compels us to wonder if Michael Malpass sensed the limitation of his time.



Cathleen Malpass (wife) in her Gallery in Brick

sculpture works of Michael Malpass on display at Cathleen Malpass Gallery in Brick

Malpass experimented with multiple visual media to find his way as an artist, leaving behind an expansive record of creative development. As he came of age, it was the manipulation of metal shapes, extracted from the earth, manufactured by unknown persons for any number of purposes, and left behind for salvage, that caught Michael’s imagination. Passion for transforming metal shapes into beautiful objects led him to hone welding and traditional blacksmithing techniques required to exert his will over steel, bronze, copper, brass, or any combination of metals that he could find with intent to purge the industrial life out of them. Freed, revitalized, time to become art.

Malpass was among the most creative and prolific artists of his generation.”

To purchase on Amazon:


Michael Malpass website:  www.michaelmalpass.com

Calvin Schwartz NJ Discover Article on Michael Malpass: http://bit.ly/2piQdIO

Book Info:   https://www.michaelmalpass.com/humdinger/

Cathleen Malpass (artist’s wife) Gallery:  https://www.michaelmalpass.com/cathleen-malpass-gallery


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