COMING ATTRACTION: ANBF Masters & NJ Natural Pro AM Competition. September 16th by Calvin Schwartz

COMING ATTRACTION: ANBF Masters & NJ Natural Pro AM Competition. September 16th  by  Calvin Schwartz     












Crystal Woods with Team Synergy at ANBF Event

Calvin working out with Crystal Woods before NJ Discover TV interview




Why NJ Discover reports on ANBF(American Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Masters Nationals Pro/AM Pro Masters, Pro Figure, Body Building, Physique, Figure, Bikini? Simple answer in a few parts. It is part of our mantra to report on many aspects of New Jersey living and devote coverage where most media are absent. Secondly, the guidelines of the ANBF are inspirational; this is a drug free competition and organization. (no steroids etc.) (See below paragraph on guidelines)





Crystal Woods in iconic pose


Tara-Jean Vitale working out with Crystal before NJ Discover TV interview

Finally, we were so fortunate at NJ Discover LIVE TV to have Crystal Woods, a competitor and board member of ANBF as a guest on our LIVE TV Show back in June, titled “JACKIE ATKINS, NJ Boxing Hall of Fame, CRYSTAL WOODS, American Natural Bodybuilding Federation; “World Class Women Athletes Where You Least Expect Them BUT Life Journeys MORE Amazing” with co-hosts Tara-Jean and Calvin.”  You can watch the show  ON YOU TUBE TV:

Bottom Line: if you are free on September 16th, and looking for a special, unique activity, come check out the ANBF Competition in Kenilworth. (Flyer info below)

For more info:


Calvin Schwartz for NJ Discover   September 3, 2017


2017 ANBF Elite Transformations Results








ANBF GUIDELINES:                                     

Eligibility & Drug Testing


All ANBF competitors must be age 16 or older (unless stated otherwise for Teen or Kids Fitness). Current membership in ANBF is required of all competitors to participate in ANBF events. The ANBF is a 100% drug tested organization via polygraph and random urinalysis. The ANBF requires athletes to be 7 years drug free; using a modified World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited substance list, which can be viewed at The ANBF will allow the use of 7-Keto and Higenamine. All competitors must pass a polygraph screening prior to their events to attest to their natural status.  Competitors who have taken and passed a polygraph for any other event within 45 days of their current event can submit the results to the promoter and will not be required to take the polygraph again. Winners at events offering a pro card must submit to urinalysis and pass drug screening in order to be awarded pro status.





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