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Harry Filkin – EVENT:  Album Release Party!  5/20 Showtime at 8PM The Wonder Bar – by TaraJean Harry Filkin – EVENT: Album Release Party! 5/20 Showtime at 8PM The Wonder Bar – by TaraJean(0)

Harry Filkin is a well known American singer and songwriter on the Jersey Shore. Harry Filkin has been writing songs for four decades. He will be releasing his first all – original album on May 20th. Harry is a founding member of several successful Jersey Shore bands, most notably Holme, a well-known rock band from Belmar NJ.  He has played on stage numerous times with Bruce Springsteen and Bobby Bandiera. He co-founded and performed on rhythm guitar and vocals with Cats on a Smooth Surface when it was the house band at The Stone Pony in the late 70’s through the 80’s. And he was a founding member of The Diamonds, an all original rock and soul band at the Jersey Shore.

Now Harry will be releasing his first very own original album. Harry’s smooth voice and compelling lyrics have given this album it’s captivating charm and allure. A powerhouse of songs that will surely be a hit for all generations.

Don’t miss this event! RipTide Records is hosting an album release party Saturday May 20 at the famed Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ.

The album features eleven new songs including, “ Blood of my Blood” that was written for Harry’s longtime friend and band mate, Hans Peter Schulle, after the unexpected death of his son Sean in 2012 . “ I am very close to Peter and the words and music just came to me shortly after his death,” said Filkin. “It was very different from any song I’ve ever written.”

The album was arranged, produced and mixed by veteran Jersey Shore producer/singer/songwriter/guitarist Marc Ribler.Marc assembled a power house band including : The Spin Doctors ’ Aaron Comess on Drums, Jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz) on Bass, Andy Burton (John Mayer) on Keyboards, and Tommy LaBella (10, 000 Maniacs) on Saxophone. Other musicians and singers on Harry’s debut album include Graham Maby (Joe Jackson), Freedom Bremner (Screaming Headless Torsos), Rodney Howard (Gavin DeGraw), with Joel Krauss, Peter Schulle, Arne Wendt, Dave Anthony, John Martin, Steven Salcedo, Milton Vann , Layonne Holmes, Khadija h Mohammed and Lawrence Anthony.

The new album was masterfully engineered by Joe DeMaio at Shorefire Recording Studios in Long Branch , NJ .

Everyone attending gets a copy of the album with a $12 cover charge!  Thank you Harry!

Tickets can be purchased at the Stone Pony Box Office or Ticketmaster at this link:




Posted by TaraJean:


TaraJean is a versatile journalist who has produced numerous segments for NJDiscover. She is experienced in Production and Post Production of TV Commercials, Live News Coverage, TV Entertainment Segments and Live Theatrical Events. She runs the gamut from writing to shooting to scripting to editing to post-production. She studied Communications specializing in Advertising at Fordham University, New York City, but her passion for creativity and expression moved her beyond a Bachelor of Arts degree to where she also studied Theatre and Performance at both Fordham and Roundabout Theatre. Her incandescent spirit took her ultimately to the stage and television in Metropolitan New York as an aspiring actress. Along the way, with a few blinks of an eye, TaraJean was married and raising three young daughters. Next, TaraJean harnessed that spirited energy, becoming editor of Our Town, a Monmouth County newspaper and appearing as a TV host for local Channel 77. The next perfect fit for TaraJean was to channel her unlimited energy in central Jersey working with NJ Discover as TV Host, Reporter, Writer and Producer. She consistently brought a special warmth, caring, insight and humanity to her stories and her reputation flourished with on sight reporting about Hurricane Sandy, homelessness and Tent City, pervasive hunger in New Jersey, and Jersey’s iconic music and film scene. She is the epicenter of what’s happening around the county and state. Almost evolutionary, TaraJean went on to co-host NJ Discover LIVE radio and cable TV and still manages time (quintessential juggler) to be Reporter, SpokesModel, Copywriter, Producer, Journalist and now Sr. Editor for Fashion Haunts Magazine.

FACES & PLACES – Musicians & Friends in Asbury Park 2013 (Video) FACES & PLACES – Musicians & Friends in Asbury Park 2013 (Video)(1)

At The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ Discover & WCTC Radio spend an afternoon with dedicated musicians and friends who have joined to support the efforts for Light Of Day 2013.

This is our tribute to some of the great friends and musicians we have met along the way….

Willie Nile, Marc Ribler, Reagan Richards, Tony Pallagrosi, Beverley Beveridge, Sandy Mack, Kyle Brendle, Bert Baron, Eric Greene, Arlan Feiles, Arne Wendt, Emily Grove, James Dalton, Johnny Pasano, Matt Hogan, Joe D’Urso, Bob Benjamin, Cindy Ferrier, Laura Crisci, Anne Lucille McGlynn, Ashley Cambridge and more!

Song: “Give Me Tomorrow” Willie Nile, Album: House of Thousand Guitars



Article FACES & PLACES “Musicians & Friends”

Faces & Places: Musicians & Friends –   Produced by TaraJean Vitale & Calvin Schwartz


Grand Opening Press Conference  ‘Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation.’ An Amazing Historic Place! January 14, 2013    By Calvin Schwartz Grand Opening Press Conference ‘Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation.’ An Amazing Historic Place! January 14, 2013 By Calvin Schwartz(2)

Grand Opening Press Conference  ‘Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation.’ An Amazing Historic Place!

January 14, 2013    By Calvin Schwartz



As a journalist who gravitates to music these days, there are events to cover and then every once in a while, I alight from my Conestoga wagon of discovery ( I wish I was around  when the first Conestoga wagons were coming off the assembly line in Detroit) and walk into a magic world of music history and relevance. Such was yesterday at the opening press conference for the Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation headquarters on Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park’s hip business address. I started my love affair to remember with Asbury Park exactly a year ago when I hooked up with NJ Discover TV and some unknown universal energy dispatched me to Asbury and the rest is a personal history and words you’re reading now.

Asbury’s music past, present and future swirl around my soul; I know that Asbury Park will one day find itself as an international music presence and destination much like Memphis or Nashville. Asbury Park belongs on the global stage; so many of us who frequent the diverse, rich cultural heritage of this evolving city know this; the music is so good and plenty here.







At the beginning of last summer, I was walking down Cookman Avenue; the sun was setting surreally on a pastel blue house across the street. A young boy was standing in his backyard, with a guitar and an amp, playing incredibly well. He couldn’t have been more than twelve; I dream; maybe I found a way back to the future; it was Bruce Springsteen, no, Vini Lopez, no, Southside Johnny or Clarence Clemons or a hundred other angels who contributed to the rich history of this music town.

Tom Gilmour (director of Economic Development for Asbury Park) opened the press conference and introduced Susan Pellegrini  as the new Executive Director of Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation. “We were not ready to take the leap to open this yet for another year, but Sandy made us pick up the pace,” Susan said. They plan to have exhibitions, lectures, live broadcasts and to be that special international destination for people. She continued, “The focus is for us to be a connector for different aspects of music in Asbury Park.”  The inaugural exhibit will be a Light of Day retrospective tour with four photographer’s work.






Next Saturday (January 19th) they’re showing a film ‘Asbury Park Musical Memories,’ with 1930’s through 1970’s dealing with what is was like to be in Asbury during that time. There’s a three year plan and the ultimate goal is to move to a 30,000 square foot “architecturally significant building, at the Crossroads on Lake Avenue.”

I like the notion that Asbury Park has a sister city in Italy, Casalgrande, giving it even more of an international flavor. The mayor of Casalgrande, Andrea Rossi was here in September and is coming back in May. Indeed the Asbury Park connections grow. So does the dream for global musical relevance and awareness.  John Cavanaugh, official photographer of the Stone Pony since 2000 and Light of Day since 1998 spoke about his contributions of photography and memorabilia on display which constitute phase one. The Heritage Foundation is looking for financial and materials donations and loans of art, photography and memorabilia.  More phase one activity includes an Asbury Park Musical Story Teller series where there are live performances as well. Soon Black History Month, Jazz month and a new artist’s series.





The hours are Friday 12-7  Saturday 12-8 (except 12-10pm during First Saturday events)  Sunday 12-6pm.

Of course during the summer they’ll expand to seven days.

And then Kimmee Masi, operator of Confections of a Rock Star, on Cookman Avenue  invited guests to a feast of cupcakes and confections. I grabbed (inconspicuously, I assumed) a chocolate cup cake.  She saw me. I exclaimed as I consumed in one festive satisfying bite, “wow, wow, wow.”  She said, “Only three wows?”  I brought one more “wow” to auditory channels.

I timed myself. I walked around gazing and reminiscing for 44.4 minutes. It was magic to be there. It was only the first day. Oh and the front door is only 44 feet away from the historic Upstage Club. I like that too.

Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation   708 Cookman Avenue Asbury Park   732-775-8900

Calvin Schwartz






Garden State – Marc Ribler (Music Video) Garden State – Marc Ribler (Music Video)(4)

Garden State

Song is written and produced by Marc Ribler.

Video produced by NJDiscover

“We are selling the song for $1.29 and 100% of the profits will be going to worthy Shore Relief charities including www.SandyNjReliefFund.orgNew Jersey and the surrounding area’s took the greatest beating that we have ever seen in our lifetime. So many folks are displaced. They need food, shelter, clothing and most of all your love and support.The boardwalks, bridges, homes and many many towns are ripped to shreds and they desperately need repair. This will take some time and we all must do our part.I will also be donating 50% of the profits from my first 2 Cd’s, This Life andLife is But A Dream.” – Marc Ribler


Please go to to PURCHASE “Garden State”
100% of the proceeds go to


NEWS FLASH:  Asbury Park Community Boardwalk Drummers Told No More by Authorities. July 11, 2012   By Calvin Schwartz NEWS FLASH: Asbury Park Community Boardwalk Drummers Told No More by Authorities. July 11, 2012 By Calvin Schwartz(1)





Generally speaking, it’s not within the providential guidelines of NJ Discover to bring news flashes to this website. Personally speaking, this reporter immerses himself in New Jersey culture, music, art and charitable causes which help to define and distinguish us here. I do love our music heritage. I’m all over the place so to speak. Like the old television show from the fifties, ‘Have Gun, Will Travel;’ give me our homegrown amazing music and I travel, drift, dream, absorb and listen attentively.









On Tuesday nights sometimes, I drift into Asbury Park, especially in the summer, when ocean breezes memorialize my nostrils and therefore conjure up sounds of the Everly Brothers, Elvis or The Temptations. I love the venue at McCloone’s in Asbury where Marc Ribler and Friends entertain with special themed concerts every Tuesday. Not just concerts which last for hours but as I like to call it, “A little piece of heaven.”









Before hanging out at Marc Ribler’s concerts (last night’s band, Tommy Labella, Lee Finkelstein, John Conte, Arne Wendt) where they were still rocking way past 12:30 AM, I like to hit the Asbury Park boardwalk and absorb uniqueness, diversity, sights and sounds and eventually the setting sun. Priceless and purist real Jersey shore; like nowhere else in the world. Last night the “Community Drummers” (a rag tag group of residents) who have been playing on the boardwalk for 13 years were performing in front of a hundred spectators. I took pictures and smiled all the while. Adjacent to the drummers, a group hula hooped.









Priceless spectating; my observation: this group of Asbury residents promotes togetherness, peace, harmony between races and creeds and the uniqueness that makes us Jerseyans.  Fifteen minutes after I left, the Asbury Park authorities forced them to stop playing and told the group that every player must have a permit and that they can only play being 50 yards from each other which would then stretch them out for a mile.






Being a 1960’s person and knowing about the art of the protest, the beauty of Asbury Park’s culture and diversity and spontaneity, I can’t help but think someone out there in television land  is about to address  taking away freedoms and culture from Asbury Park. The city has been trying so desperately to reinvent and reestablish. And I do care. I’m there all the time. I feel like calling Patrick Henry.






















Marc Ribler and Friends In Concert . Asbury Park “A Little Piece of Heaven” by Calvin Schwartz Marc Ribler and Friends In Concert . Asbury Park “A Little Piece of Heaven” by Calvin Schwartz(1)



A week or so prior to Marc Ribler and Friends, A Singer Songwriter/Classic Rock Tribute Night, appearing at McCloone’s in Asbury Park on Wednesday April 25th instead of the usual Tuesdays, I met Marc on Facebook of all places and we did the friending thing. I also asked to officially report and film his concert for NJ Discover TV. The digital age produces rapidity in response time and in the actual bonding (friending) processes. The next night we morphed from Facebook to cell phone and in our live voice communication phase, we discovered concentric circles of commonality; from ancestral homelands, spirituality, parallel universes, Ray Kurzweil and Singularity and Bob Dylan, who was one of the artists they were doing a tribute to on Wednesday. A special jetty at Belmar’s Shark River waits for a future communicative phase.






Marc is a singer songwriter, guitarist and a producer. Being a consummate groupie, I knew he sang with Carole King and Roger McGuinn and opened for Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, James Taylor and Sly and the Family Stone to name a few.Wednesday’s concert was billed as a tribute to Dylan, The Band and honoring the life of Levon Helm. Communicative chemistry is wonderful.  In addition to Marc Ribler’s amazing musical gifts, he exudes genuineness, warmth and a feeling you’ve known him all along; we finally met live without Memorex an hour before the concert. The venue at Mc Cloone’s overlooking Asbury Park’s ocean and Convention Hall from high on the second floor is purist perfect for my music absorption and appreciation. When lights later bathed Convention Hall, just beyond the rear window, in multi colors, a warm ethereal feeling evolves; maybe it’s the subliminal of a ‘working class’ rock star and son of Asbury Park’s first album scene.







Appearing with Marc this night were Jeff Kazee, John Conte and Lee Finkelstein. But in the air ducts, were particulates of notions of more of Marc’s surprise friends showing up. Suddenly Southside Johnny was on stage as one of Marc’s friends. I was just four feet and a few inches away from the stage and I was beginning to feel this heavenly notion that would sense surround me the rest of the night and take a time-released form for weeks to come. Earlier it was ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’ and I pinched my arm (I really do that for a reality check). Along came Glen Burtnik and the piece of heaven deal was sealed. A recurring theme for me as I discover: damn, how can anyone miss the talented magical concerts that Marc brings on Tuesdays; perhaps folks have powerful umbilical ties to their old 1960’s Castro convertible pull-out sofa. What I was hearing was such a gift. Then more ‘pieces of heaven’: ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door.’ And ‘The Mighty Quinn.’  Hearing ‘The Weight’ which was so powerful, it reminded me once again that after seeing ‘Easy Rider’ in 1969 and hearing that song, I was afraid to even travel to South Jersey. All renditions sublime this heavenly night.

To complete my “little piece of heaven” journeyed experience was the auditory absorption of a few of Marc’s original songs.  He’s a songwriter, I said to myself . So when his lyrical originality flowed like an ornate fountain in front of a columned forum of collectivism, I was  innervated and moved. Movement continues into this writing. I’m  going to continue to explore Marc’s original music. And as they say in my journalistic profession; update at eleven, one day, down this incredible pastel yellow brick road I’ve found.









The rest of Marc’s friends sealed my piece of heaven: Marc Muller, Rosemary Conte, Tom Bowes, Paul Avrutin, Jake Nozek, Mary McCrink, Kristian Rex and Tony Pallagrosi whom it seems, I bump into several times a week.  Mary McCrink; her magical voice gave up, perhaps the best version of ‘The Times They Are A-Changin’ ever for me. In the finale, with all the friends singing ‘Any Day Now;’ it was easy to feel/see a special love and magic on stage. Replete with emotion, I borrowed Marc briefly after the concert and thanked him for providing “this little piece of heaven.” Rarified ethereal sound pieces in this crazy world, I thought. I also thought about finding ways to yell to folks to lose sedentary sofa sitting and come to the musical Asbury boardwalk on Tuesday evenings; like I guess I’m yelling now.

Cal Schwartz   May 4th 2012




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