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Visit Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ – by TOM COSENTINO Visit Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ – by TOM COSENTINO(0)

Kurt Alstede and his family founded Alstede Farms in 1982 in Chester, NJ as a family run operation producing a huge variety of local fruits, vegetables, and flowers grown using only sustainable and USDA certified organic production methods. They take soil and water conservation and the stewardship of their farm land very seriously, and have therefore permanently preserved all of the farm land they own. Indeed, they are proud to be able to say that nearly every acre of the 600 acres of farmland they till is permanently preserved. Alstede Farms offers: Pick Your Own fruits and vegetables, the best Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA) in New Jersey, and a fully stocked Farm Store that is filled with the fruits and vegetables grown on the farm, as well as their own local honey, homemade ice cream and fudge, home baked pies, jams, jellies, cider donuts and more! Alstede Farms local fruits and vegetables are also sold at Tailgate Markets across Northern New Jersey and beyond.
Alstede Farms opens at 9 am seven days a week. Visitors can shop the Alstede Farms Farm Store which features a wide variety of seasonal local fresh produce grown on the farm, over 250 homemade products including fudge, ice cream, syrups, honey and salsas and the Tomasello Winery retail wine store.
NJ Discover visited Alstede Farms on the final weekend of their annual Strawberry Festival. From taking a hayride to pick your own strawberries to enjoying homemade strawberry ice cream; strawberry lemonade slushies; strawberry sundaes; strawberry pie; strawberry rhubarb pie; and strawberry fudge at the Alstede festival tent; musical entertainment by local bands and more, Alstede Farms ws the place to experience the strawberry season. In addition to picking strawberries, Alstede Farms also offers 13 strawberry recipes accessible on the Alstede Farms website
Whether they are there for the Strawberry Festival or a visit during the week, families visiting Alstede Farms can also enjoy a full slate of family fun activities including pony rides, tractor train rides, a moon bounce, hay wagon rides, and much more. These free family-fun activities are open every day all year long.
• Visit and feed friendly farm animals
• Stop by the bunny run
• Be entertained by goats on the Goat Walk!
• Climb the giant hay pyramid
Alstede Farms has made a long-term commitment to agriculture in Chester as well as in New Jersey. For more information call 908-879-7189 or visit



In case you missed it!
Spring Lake NJ Irish Festival Saturday May 16th. Live music, cultural food, beer garden, contests, kids activities, Atlantic Ocean, Jersey Shore ambiance, sports personalities and more.

World Renowned Interview with Robert Adler Architect – [Video] NJ Discover World Renowned Interview with Robert Adler Architect – [Video] NJ Discover(0)

Robert W Adler & Associates 5 min. Video

Robert Adler Architect
Residential, Commercial and municipal architecture with primarily traditional influences

1049 Broadway, West Long Branch, NJ 07764
(732) 571-1010
Production by NJ Discover.

Interview  with Dr. Margaret Fisher, Pediatrics Monmouth Medical Center [Video] NJ Discover Interview with Dr. Margaret Fisher, Pediatrics Monmouth Medical Center [Video] NJ Discover(0)

Dr. Margaret Catharine Fisher MD is a female Infectious Disease Specialist, has 35 years of experience and practices in Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Margaret Fisher is a world renowned pediatric infectious disease consultant. She finished her residency and fellowship at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, in Philadelphia, and is a Professor of Pediatrics at Drexel University College of Medicine. Dr. Fisher’s curriculum vitae includes chapters in Nelson’s Textbook of Pediatrics (18th edition), Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea; Other Anaerobic Infections; and she served as editor-in-chief for Immunizations & Infectious Diseases; An Informed Parent’s Guide (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2006). She also served on the Committee on Infectious Disease and wrote the chapter on Infection Control and Prophylaxis in the Red Book (27th edition, 2006).


Primary Office
Monmouth Medical Center
300 Second Avenue
Long Branch, NJ 07740

Medically Speaking TV Show Segment with Dr. Raj. Soul Focus. Wed. 8:30pm & Sundays 12:30pm Comcast Channel 190 Medically Speaking TV Show Segment with Dr. Raj. Soul Focus. Wed. 8:30pm & Sundays 12:30pm Comcast Channel 190(0)

Medically Speaking TV Show is Sponsored By: Asbury Park Press, The Channel Club, Monmouth Medical and ECO Red Shield

Month of September Wed. 8:30pm & Sundays 12:30pm Comcast Channel 190

Strongly believing in the philosophy of focusing on the self to achieve tranquility and balance, he is part of a group of physicians on the brink of opening, Soul Focus, a state of the art facility dedicated to treating mind, body and soul. It is Dr. Raj’s ambition to provide a center whereby a person can go, and not just be healed by medical doctors, but also be treated for the afflictions of everyday life that plague them like stress, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity.
Dr. Raj not only desires this kind of balanced serenity for his patients but also for himself. Completing his under graduate work at Drexel University in 1992, he was always in great shape, playing tennis. He explains, however, that once he got to chiropractic school, his body and nutrition changed as his schedule got more hectic. Most of us can understand this predicament. Today our lives seem tone filled from minute to minute, and things like exercise and healthy eating just don’t fit in anymore. We need guidance on how to build it all back in.
Dr. Raj admits to having a bit of a “wake up call” when one day, while treating a patient he glanced at himself in the mirror , and was not happy with what he saw. Wanting to set an example for his patients, he knew he had to make changes to reflect his philosophy of healthcare. Starting with a 9 Day Detox program, he set out on a journey to his own persona l wellness. After the intense cleanse, he explains, “I lost 16 lbs and had more energy than I eve r had in my life. It was like a reset button for my system, I felt refreshed and was excited.”



Mold – An Emerging Construction Defect: Legal, Rebuilding Headaches from Mold May Last Long After the Storm Leaves.
Eco Building Products, Inc. knows how to help you defend you and your company from these claims, if you are willing to take our 8 hour Eco Defensive Partner certification class.

Eco Defensive Partner Certification Program Overview

The Eco Defensive Partner certification program was designed to help protect builders, contractors, realtors and consumers from the effects of mold related claims and the air quality in homes caused by moldy, wet lumber. This program will help educate professionals involved in virtually every facet of new residential construction, arming them with real inside information that will help them defend against future mold related claims. This program helps elevate seasoned professionals to the next level by providing them with the latest and most updated accredited third-party certifications focused on teaching Contractors how to build with ‘Safety first’ as a goal, ‘Defensively’ against ever occurring natural disasters, and most importantly showing them what products are available in today’s supply chain.

The standard General Contractor License exam is based on how the Building Industry used to build. With the ever-changing environmental conditions that are fast becoming the new normal, certified contractors under our Certification Program may help you lower your Liability Insurance because you mitigate loss by building DEFENSIVE. It is time for the Building Industry to embrace new technology through education and practical training, safe building practices, and innovation supported by accreditation. Now all Contractors can become certified DEFENSIVE, branding them as an expert at building DEFENSIVE against the next super storm. We make no promises that your Insurance Company will automatically reduce your Liability Insurance, but if we all join forces, they will begin to look at you, the Certified Defensive Builder, differently than the others.

Steps to Certification

Step 1: Comply with Professional Licensing requirements.

Step 2: Submit online application, required documentation, and proof of CURRENT Liability Insurance Policy.

Step 3: Complete prescribed Training Modules.

Step 4: Diploma Ceremony and Film Documentary.

Step 5: Set up for a one time marketing video for your company.

If you are interested in setting up training to become an Eco Certified Partner, contact us at

ON THE AVE is NJ Discover’s new TV Show with Tara-Jean Vitale hosting, airing twice a week on Comcast TV channel 190 ON THE AVE is NJ Discover’s new TV Show with Tara-Jean Vitale hosting, airing twice a week on Comcast TV channel 190(1)


ON THE AVE is NJ Discover’s new TV Show  with Tara-Jean Vitale hosting airing twice a week on Comcast TV channel 190

ON THE AVE will be driving through New Jersey Towns discovering local businesses, restaurants and hot spots. We will take you inside these places and meet the people who make it all possible.

In this episode Tara-jean Visited  Escondido’s of Freehold, Green Flag at Wall Stadium and Krank of Hoboken.  Sit back and enjoy!

Watch ON THE AVE – NJ Discover TV and discover what local gems are in your neighborhood

In Case You Missed It ! Annual Reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth[Video Highlight] In Case You Missed It ! Annual Reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth[Video Highlight](0)

Annual Reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth
Each year the Friends of Monmouth Battlefield co-sponsors, with the DEP, State of New Jersey, an annual reenactment of the battle. The event is usually held on a weekend towards the end of June, in commemoration of the anniversary of the battle being fought on June 28, 1778. Hundreds of troops encamp at the park and recreate scenarios of the battle over the weekend.

Video Jason Nappi (NJ Discover)
On June 28, 1778, as Sir Henry Clinton and his troops departed from the Monmouth Court House, George Washington and his Continental Army troops plotted an ambush on the rear column of Clinton’s British Army soldiers. It became one of the largest battles of the American Revolution. It took place in the fields and forests that now make up Monmouth Battlefield State Park, though the battle soon ended in a standoff.[6]

The Battle of Monmouth is notable for creating the American legend of Molly Pitcher, a housewife who boldly took her husband’s place at the cannon only moments after his peril. In honor of Pitcher, an aging white cenotaph was erected near the property of the battlefield.

MIKE MARINO: “New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy.”  An NJ Discover Special Inside Look and Upcoming East Coast Tour.  By Calvin Schwartz    May 29th 2013 MIKE MARINO: “New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy.” An NJ Discover Special Inside Look and Upcoming East Coast Tour. By Calvin Schwartz May 29th 2013(0)

MIKE MARINO: “New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy.”  An NJ Discover Special Inside Look and Upcoming East Coast Tour.  By Calvin Schwartz    May 29th 2013






Mike Marino is the consummate comedian; he just makes you laugh non-stop and with timely topics (I’ll explain shortly) I discovered ‘New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy’ last summer at ‘Asbury Park Comedy Festival.’  And I said to myself “he’s one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever seen.” Point being, I’m simply a ‘comedic snob.’ Comedy is a gift and a special art form. Back in the sixties, I discovered Lenny Bruce, one of comedy’s greatest pioneers and innovators, albeit quite controversial because society was not ready for his bad words and bits. I’ve been a fan of Lenny’s ever since and ironically the Asbury Comedy Festival benefited the Lenny Bruce Foundation.








How perfect the synchronicity to catch Mike Marino that night for the first time. We had a chance to talk back stage afterwards; I marveled at his graciousness, affability and accessibility.  A few weeks later, Mike called and invited me to a gig at an experimental comedy club in Hoboken; once again he just made me laugh and laugh. He’s a cool, smooth and endearing guy with some of the best material I’ve ever heard.









Now here’s where it all gets interesting. Some of Mike’s routines I’ve actually used in a comedic way (giving him all the credit) and sometimes I go introspective and realize Mike Marino is also a genius and clairvoyant, almost with the gift of the ‘shining.’  So what do I mean by this. Mike’s comedy is so relevant and futuristic, it can be used by current politicians to propel them into major office; yes a provocative thought and so therefore I challenge my readers to catch Mike’s east coast tour in June, put on your thinking caps and imagination gowns and drift into the land of Honah Lee or some Jersey shore jetty.





I hope this was challenging enough for you to catch Mike in June. He will be back in Asbury Park for the Comedy Festival this summer and I should insist you all come to this event. It’s in Asbury, the ocean is a few feet away, it’s for a good cause and you’ll laugh in a purist unbridled way. That’s how funny this Jersey bad boy of comedy is. And take my cerebral challenge to see how certain politicians in a new evolving world should laugh and listen to Mike Marino at the same time. Wow, powerful stuff. But Mike is a powerful innovator. And by the way do not pass go, don’t wait and get thee to Mike’s east tour in June.  I think I’ll get praised once you do catch Mike.

Calvin Schwartz



Mike’s East Coast Tour




Borgata Casino
Atlantic City, NJ




Ridgefield, CT 06877




Cliffhanger Productions Golf Tournament



Mohegan Sun

Now I have an idea. Mike made this “sizzle reel” of 9:44 minutes of some of Mike’s highlights:






Mike Marino’s Official BIO:


Mike Marino – affectionately known to thousands of his fans as New Jersey’s Bad Boy – is one of the most unique comics of our time. He has performed in every major comedy club from New York to Los Angeles including: The MGM Grand, Catch a Rising Star, The Comic Strip, Stand Up NY, The Improv, Rascals and The Icehouse. Mike, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, can be seen nightly as a top headliner at both the world famous Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store in Hollywood.

Mike was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. He entered the world of theatre at an early age, and is a graduate of the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Mike has appeared in over 200 national television commercials, and has received a Best Actor Clio Award Nomination. He has acted in many Prime Time soaps and television shows including: As the World Turns, One Life to Live, Becker, Nikki, Frasier and Party of Five. His film credits include Crooks, Pizza with Bullets, Hangin’ in Hedo and Steven King’s Lucky Quarter.

After great success in film, theatre, commercials and soaps, Mike began touring the country performing at countless comedy clubs and sold out theatres in the thousands. His stand-up material ranges from cutting edge observations of everyday life to his Italian family roots; which recently spun into a T.V. pilot called “Marino’s”. His comedic style has landed him guest appearances on The Tonight Show as a regular sketch player, The Martin Short Show, Comics Unleashed, The Boomer Show, Wild Pitch, Hand Held Comedy Radio and the Rascals Comedy Hour to name a few.

In the Fall of 2008, Mike was inducted into the New Jersey Comedy Hall of Fame. Mike has also been featured on numerous talk shows and has hosted some of the most prestigious award shows including The Beverly Hills Film Awards, Hoboken Film Festival, and the Montreal Quintus Film Festival. He has also headlined several USO Comedy Tours and the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada.

Mike has a tongue like a razor and a heart of gold. He has the incredible ability to perform in any arena, big or small, and can cater his material for all audiences, from strictly clean to down and dirty. He has performed in hundreds of corporate functions for companies including AT&T, United Airlines, American Express, Paul Mitchell, IBM, Wella, Merrill Lynch, Sebastian Intl., Toyota, L.A.S.D., N.J. Asphalt Assoc., The City of Hope, OSIA, and the LAPD. Mike Has performed for numerous charities including Aids Project – LA, Haven House, Team earthworks, and the Eric Davis Cancer Fund. When Marino is not performing, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family on the East Coast.




Legacy & VinOair Wine Aerator – (Video) Legacy & VinOair Wine Aerator – (Video)(0)

NJ Discover Filmed a demo for ShopRite.

Featuring wine opener Legacy & VinOair Wine Aerator – Purchase at any ShopRite Stores.

Perfect Gift for the Holidays!


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