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Mold – An Emerging Construction Defect: Legal, Rebuilding Headaches from Mold May Last Long After the Storm Leaves.
Eco Building Products, Inc. knows how to help you defend you and your company from these claims, if you are willing to take our 8 hour Eco Defensive Partner certification class.

Eco Defensive Partner Certification Program Overview

The Eco Defensive Partner certification program was designed to help protect builders, contractors, realtors and consumers from the effects of mold related claims and the air quality in homes caused by moldy, wet lumber. This program will help educate professionals involved in virtually every facet of new residential construction, arming them with real inside information that will help them defend against future mold related claims. This program helps elevate seasoned professionals to the next level by providing them with the latest and most updated accredited third-party certifications focused on teaching Contractors how to build with ‘Safety first’ as a goal, ‘Defensively’ against ever occurring natural disasters, and most importantly showing them what products are available in today’s supply chain.

The standard General Contractor License exam is based on how the Building Industry used to build. With the ever-changing environmental conditions that are fast becoming the new normal, certified contractors under our Certification Program may help you lower your Liability Insurance because you mitigate loss by building DEFENSIVE. It is time for the Building Industry to embrace new technology through education and practical training, safe building practices, and innovation supported by accreditation. Now all Contractors can become certified DEFENSIVE, branding them as an expert at building DEFENSIVE against the next super storm. We make no promises that your Insurance Company will automatically reduce your Liability Insurance, but if we all join forces, they will begin to look at you, the Certified Defensive Builder, differently than the others.

Steps to Certification

Step 1: Comply with Professional Licensing requirements.

Step 2: Submit online application, required documentation, and proof of CURRENT Liability Insurance Policy.

Step 3: Complete prescribed Training Modules.

Step 4: Diploma Ceremony and Film Documentary.

Step 5: Set up for a one time marketing video for your company.

If you are interested in setting up training to become an Eco Certified Partner, contact us at

ON THE AVE is NJ Discover’s new TV Show with Tara-Jean Vitale hosting, airing twice a week on Comcast TV channel 190 ON THE AVE is NJ Discover’s new TV Show with Tara-Jean Vitale hosting, airing twice a week on Comcast TV channel 190(1)


ON THE AVE is NJ Discover’s new TV Show  with Tara-Jean Vitale hosting airing twice a week on Comcast TV channel 190

ON THE AVE will be driving through New Jersey Towns discovering local businesses, restaurants and hot spots. We will take you inside these places and meet the people who make it all possible.

In this episode Tara-jean Visited  Escondido’s of Freehold, Green Flag at Wall Stadium and Krank of Hoboken.  Sit back and enjoy!

Watch ON THE AVE – NJ Discover TV and discover what local gems are in your neighborhood

In Case You Missed It ! Annual Reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth[Video Highlight] In Case You Missed It ! Annual Reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth[Video Highlight](0)

Annual Reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth
Each year the Friends of Monmouth Battlefield co-sponsors, with the DEP, State of New Jersey, an annual reenactment of the battle. The event is usually held on a weekend towards the end of June, in commemoration of the anniversary of the battle being fought on June 28, 1778. Hundreds of troops encamp at the park and recreate scenarios of the battle over the weekend.

Video Jason Nappi (NJ Discover)
On June 28, 1778, as Sir Henry Clinton and his troops departed from the Monmouth Court House, George Washington and his Continental Army troops plotted an ambush on the rear column of Clinton’s British Army soldiers. It became one of the largest battles of the American Revolution. It took place in the fields and forests that now make up Monmouth Battlefield State Park, though the battle soon ended in a standoff.[6]

The Battle of Monmouth is notable for creating the American legend of Molly Pitcher, a housewife who boldly took her husband’s place at the cannon only moments after his peril. In honor of Pitcher, an aging white cenotaph was erected near the property of the battlefield.

Asbury Park N.J.- The Art Ninjas ! (Artist Nation TV)  By: Noelle Ciumei Asbury Park N.J.- The Art Ninjas ! (Artist Nation TV) By: Noelle Ciumei(0)

(Artist Nation TV)

Asbury park, NJ- the Stone Pony

Last night at the Matisyahu concert, I saw in the corner of my eye, a young man painting while Matisyahu was performing. I immediately introduced myself and was greeted by Tim- the co-owner of Haven Art Studio. He had a tiny stand by the side of the stage selling his paintings which turned out to be incredible. It was obvious that this type of work took a lot of time and patience and I just had to find out more about him.
It turns out he works along side his brother Jon, their strategy is to work (literally) side by side on the SAME canvas in order to feed off of each other’s ideas. It was amazing!

The best part of the night was seeing them paint together during the concert; feeling the music while making their choices in color then taking their brushes and going with the flow of the sound. I’ve never seen anything like it, I instantly fell in love.

After only speaking to them for an hour I was hooked on their work and their story. I wanted to buy this painting they made, that happened to glow in the dark, but I told Tim that if I didn’t spend all my money on alcohol I’ll come back and buy something. Unfortunately after several beers and needing the rest of my cash for the cab home I didn’t buy the painting. But I know for certain that this won’t be the last time I see this dynamic duo in action.

If you’re interested in seeing their work- check out their Facebook page

Haven Art Studio is based in California
By: Noelle Ciumei

Drummers…What’s Your MO? By Tara-Jean Vitale Drummers…What’s Your MO? By Tara-Jean Vitale(3)

Drummers…What’s Your MO?

Modus operandi (plural modi operandi) is a Latin phrase, which can be translated as “method of operation”. The term is used to describe someone’s habits. We Americans like to shorten it to “MO”, and Thino Cacciolo, owner and founder of MO DRUMSTICKS LLC.,  has chosen to build his own unique business around it. When first meeting Thino it is apparent his passion for music was the foundation for the creation of the Mo Drumstick. Thino believes “each and every drummer should be given the ability to create the perfect drumstick based on their own unique style of play, grip, age, physical abilities and experience”…a drummer’s MO. According to Thino, the music industry has taken tremendous strides in the development of better instruments both electronically and structurally, but stick design still had a ways to go. That is until MO DRUMSTICKS TM. was introduced just about 6 months ago.

Drummers across the country have re-discovered their ‘DRUMMIN’ MOJO” and are not shy about letting everyone know how special these sticks are. Here are just a few…





Tom Motts has appeared in Modern Drummer, Metal Edge and Billboard magazines. Tom and Serial Obsession has performed on many legendary stages like CBGB, ,B.B.Kings, Lamours,Terminal 5 and Kenny’s Castawys to name a few.

Tom writes… “I was fortunate enough to be among the first drummers to road test this innovative stick, which I found added much control to my playing.

By adding a numbered weight system that allows you to customize the balance of the stick which changes the “sweet spot, fulcrum) it allowed me great comfort especially for my old fashioned stick twirls, thus creating the “MOTTS ROCKS #147”. Drummers, we no longer have to settle… Thino and MO DRUMSTICKS just made it personal!!! Having my Signature Stick makes me feel like a King and I’m loving mine!

Staff Sergeant Robert Hooks of The United States Army is stationed in Afghanistan. Every soldier carries a dream with him from back home to the forefront; Sgt Hooks dream was to play the drums. He found MO Drumsticks on Facebook. He sent a message through the internet asking about ordering custom drumsticks for when he comes back home.  Thino thought “why wait?’ He made Sgt Hook’s personal and unique drumsticks as quickly as possible and shipped them out to where the soldier was stationed in Afghanistan. MO Drumsticks can be found all over the United States, from California to Texas to NJ to Ohio. But the package he shipped to Afghanistan for one of America’s soldiers was one of Thino’s favorite.


Thino with John Castellano and Good & Plenty posing in front of Brown’s in Bay Ridge in the late 70’s. Good & Plenty played many local hot spots in NJ: Robins Reef Yacht Club and Venice Restaurant in Bayonne.  Left to right… Thino Cacciolo, John Castellano, Doreen Rose, Ray Naccari, Phil Castellan0

MO’s Patent Pending one of a kind, Grooved/Weighted Drumsticks combine machined ergonomic groove(s) filed into the stick at the fulcrum, (the sweet spot of the stick) with a weight distribution system that allows a drummer to customize the mass weight of each stick to match their play. Not just add weight to the stick, but distribute that weight across the stick! Thino believes that this custom design will give drummers of all levels of play the opportunity to reach their full potential just by using their own personally designed custom MO DRUMSTICK.










Facebook Page:

Writer TaraJean Vitale
With Thino at American Hotel, Freehold NJ

(Video)Monmouth & Ocean County Food Bank Fundraiser Event with SouthSide Johnny & the Asbury  Jukes.  Jason Nappi (Video)Monmouth & Ocean County Food Bank Fundraiser Event with SouthSide Johnny & the Asbury Jukes. Jason Nappi(0)

‘The Monmouth & Ocean County Food Bank Parter up with The Windmill Restaurant’s for the unofficial start of summer featuring Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. This celebration is to raise awareness and money for the food bank to help support the thousands of families who will go hungry this summer. The goal is to sell 10,000 or more hotdogs and raise over 50 thousand dollars for the food bank.’

D-Day anniversary – 70 Years Ago D-Day anniversary – 70 Years Ago(0)

What was D-Day?

On 6 June 1944, British, US and Canadian forces invaded the coast of northern France in Normandy.

The landings were the first stage of Operation Overlord – the invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe – and were intended to end World War Two.

Portsmouth’s D-Day Museum says as many as 4,413 Allied troops died on the day of the invasion – more than previously thought.

By the end of D-Day, the Allies had established a foothold in France. Within 11 months Nazi Germany was defeated, as Soviet armies swept in from the east and captured Hitler’s stronghold in Berlin.

The amphibious landings were preceded by extensive aerial and naval bombardment and an airborne assault—the landing of 24,000 British, US, and Canadian airborne troops shortly after midnight. Allied infantry and armoured divisions began landing on the coast of France starting at 06:30. The target 50-mile (80 km) stretch of the Normandy coast was divided into five sectors: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword Beach. Strong winds blew the landing craft east of their intended positions, particularly at Utah and Omaha. The men landed under heavy fire from gun emplacements overlooking the beaches, and the shore was mined and covered with obstacles such as wooden stakes, metal tripods, and barbed wire, making the work of the beach clearing teams difficult and dangerous. Casualties were heaviest at Omaha, with its high cliffs. At Gold, Juno, and Sword, several fortified towns were cleared in house-to-house fighting, and two major gun emplacements at Gold were disabled using specialised tanks.

The Allies failed to achieve all of their goals on the first day. Carentan, St. Lô, and Bayeux remained in German hands, and Caen, a major objective, was not captured until 21 July. Only two of the beaches (Juno and Gold) were linked on the first day, and all five bridgeheads were not connected until 12 June. However, the operation gained a foothold that the Allies gradually expanded over the coming months. German casualties on D-Day were around 1,000 men. Allied casualties were at least 12,000, with 4,413 confirmed dead. Museums, memorials, and war cemeteries in the area host many visitors each year.

NJ DISCOVER SPOTLIGHT: A MAJOR COMING ATTRACTION: The 3rd Annual New Jersey Home & Business Expo Comes to iPlay America’s Event Center, Sunday, April 6, 2014 NJ DISCOVER SPOTLIGHT: A MAJOR COMING ATTRACTION: The 3rd Annual New Jersey Home & Business Expo Comes to iPlay America’s Event Center, Sunday, April 6, 2014(0)

NJ DISCOVER SPOTLIGHT: A MAJOR COMING ATTRACTION: The 3rd Annual New Jersey Home & Business Expo Comes to iPlay America’s Event Center, Sunday, April 6, 2014



NJ Discover is proud and thrilled to be part of this extraordinary event on Sunday April 6th at iPlay America. Our Radio and TV hosts Tara-Jean Vitale and Calvin Schwartz will be “working” our booth to introduce the many facets of production, advertising, social media, commercial/sponsor availability on our programming and our video production capabilities for all your business needs. And most importantly we are quite excited to be part of the vast array of successful and diversified businesses represented. So yes we call this a MAJOR COMING ATTRACTION and it’s free and open to the public and we’ve checked; it’s a very light sports Sunday, spring is full blossom and we’d love to meet  many of our ‘friends.’ And you might win a lease for a Lexus. And you’ll meet sports legends. And interact with many business people who can offer so much.  Here’s looking at you all and see you next Sunday!!!!   






The 3rd Annual New Jersey Home & Business Expo sponsored by Bella Vista Country Club will take place from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 6, 2014 at the Encore Events Center inside iPlay America located at 110 Schanck Rd in Freehold, NJ.

The expo, co-sponsored by iPlay America, Ray Catena Lexus and Athletes & Business Alliance (ABA), will showcase the best home and business products and services from Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex counties and outlying communities.

Previously, the New Jersey Home & Business Expo was held at Bella Vista Country Club, however, due to overwhelming success and an increase in participating exhibitors and public attendance last year, Encore Event Center has been selected to accommodate the growing number of exhibitors and attendees. In addition, Synergy Event Planners has been brought on to handle event production.

“I believe this year’s expo will be our biggest yet. We have implemented a full marketing and public relations campaign which includes a Cablevision campaign,” said Anthony Beshara, tradeshow organizer. “Commercials will be running on major Cablevision channels promoting exhibitor spaces as well as public awareness to for maximum participation.”


High profile sports figures, Nick Fotiu, Joe Klecko, Dan Klecko and Fred Baxter, will be on hand to interact with vendors, fans and attendees. This was made possible by Peter Grandich, President of ABA.

Expo highlights include raffle drawings available to all attendees on behalf of the participating exhibitors. Ray Catena Lexus is giving away a 24 month lease on a 2014 Lexus. Home Entertainment Systems will be raffling off a 50″ HDTV and Bella Vista Country Club will be giving away a free country club membership.

There will also be hundreds of exhibitor giveaways and prizes. Attendees must be present to win these prizes. “I cannot think of another home and business expo that has Superbowl Champions and gives away a free Lexus at the end of the event,” continues Beshara. “A lot of thought and planning has gone into this event; we wanted to create an experience for both vendors and attendees.”

Admission to the New Jersey Home & Business Expo is FREE of charge. For more information and to book your vendor package please visit For event information contact Anthony Beshara 732- 616-7300 or John Bruzzese, Synergy Event Planners, 848-667-1378. For the latest news and updates and to join the conversation, find the NJ Home and Business Expo on Twitter @BellaVistaCC and on the Facebook



CALVIN SCHWARTZ: My Christmas Holiday 2013 Blog: ‘A Christmas Carol’ Starring Alastair Sim; Why It’s Still Timeless. Eyewitness to a New Classic Christmas song: Introducing ‘The Big Man,’ Clarence Clemons recorded song ‘There’s Still Christmas.’ December 18, 2013 CALVIN SCHWARTZ: My Christmas Holiday 2013 Blog: ‘A Christmas Carol’ Starring Alastair Sim; Why It’s Still Timeless. Eyewitness to a New Classic Christmas song: Introducing ‘The Big Man,’ Clarence Clemons recorded song ‘There’s Still Christmas.’ December 18, 2013(0)

CALVIN SCHWARTZ: My Christmas Holiday 2013 Blog: ‘A Christmas Carol’ Starring Alastair Sim; Why It’s Still Timeless. Eyewitness to a New Classic Christmas song: Introducing ‘The Big Man,’ Clarence Clemons recorded song ‘There’s Still Christmas.’ December 18, 2013


Most importantly, at the outset of this unique (I think it is) blog, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Happy Healthy Christmas and New Years and Holiday Season from all of us at the NJ Discover family. Looking forward to the New Year discovering ‘together’ more about  our precious and great state of New Jersey.   Calvin Schwartz


I decided to do my Holiday blog; it’s snowing outside but it’ll turn to rain and wash away hopes of using a new holiday motivated snow blower. Sentimentality always grips me this time of year as the holidays abound with spirit, tradition and memories. On Thanksgiving, I start to gear up for the holidays and watch ‘March of the Wooden Soldiers’ with Laurel and Hardy. I’ve been watching that movie for over 60 years, the last 23 with my son just as I watched with my father.

For me it kicks off the Christmas season and imparts lessons about life, togetherness and family and living in a shoe. My thoughts about the movie’s meaning; I think the movie shows an early example of robots (wooden soldiers) being used productively by humans. The movie (from 1934) was a pioneer in other relevant areas such as animal rights by harshly depicting the banishing of pig-nappers to Bogeyland. The film also deals with a powerful contemporary issue of affordable housing or as they’re newly called, tiny houses for the homeless. The three pigs lived in tiny houses in Toyland in the film. I’m into pig issues since I’ve not eaten anything with four legs since 1975 so I’m cognizant about their plight as a species.







The movie is powerful stuff; it transports me back to Newark in simpler times of rotary phones and only seven black and white television channels. I still remember my old phone number; one number off from a local Chinese Restaurant. We used to get quite a few phone orders for take-out chow mein; no further comment.

Moving on to one of my favorite movies (holiday and all year), ‘A Christmas Carol’ starring Alastair Sim from 1951. There have been a number of actors playing Scrooge. For me it’s only Alastair Sim. The tech noir film ambiance lends itself perfectly to the time Charles Dickens wrote the novella in 1843. A few things about the movie still hold on to my soul. The Ghost of Christmas Present reveals to Scrooge two emaciated children, clinging to his robes, and names the boy as ‘Ignorance’ and the girl as ‘Want’. The spirit warns Scrooge, “Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased.”, dramatizing the book’s social message.





As a journalist and human, nearly two years ago, I became involved with Tent City in Lakewood, New Jersey where 100 homeless humans have been living in tents for up to 12 years because Ocean County has no provision for the homeless. Then a year ago I became involved with the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, writing several articles about hunger and “want” and need. Then I went to an all-day event in Red Bank dealing with hunger. In 1980 there were 40 food banks and pantries for the hungry in America; today there are 40,000 with 50 million hungry Americans. Then there’s Dickens in 1843 warning about ‘Want’ and I say to myself nothing has changed here on earth and in America since 1843. Want and Ignorance and Hunger not only exist but grow in scope.

On a more upbeat extraction from the movie; the scene on Christmas morning when Scrooge wakes up and realizes he’s still alive and can change the course of his life by being a better, giving, and grateful human. The sheer joy and excitement of revelation causes Scrooge to stand on his head on a sofa which is priceless. I love when he says to Mrs.Dilber, “I haven’t lost my senses, I’ve come to them.” Therefore I’ve added this scene to my bucket list. Someday I’ll come to that moment of sheer joy and find reason to stand on my head; hopefully on a certain morning television program. Scrooge and I are about the same age so if he can stand on his head so can I.






Finally, last year through the magic of synchronicity and holiday spirit I came to interview Dennis Bourke(melody) and Jim Nuzzo (arranger) who helped  bring the Clarence Clemons Christmas song “There’s Still  Christmas” to our radar screens and Youtube etc. Yes, Clarence Clemons recorded this amazing song back in 1981. So a few years after he passed, he is still giving magic and his ‘bigness’ to us; the makings of another holiday classic; just like all the holiday Christmas movies I’ve talked about. Here is my article from last year telling the story of this song. And please check out the link to listen to “There’s Still Christmas.”

A long time ago in another state, in another city (which has alternate side of the street parking), I was aimlessly flicking television channels with an antiquated remote when I caught the black and white beginning of a movie that I’d never seen, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  It was early autumn. Within a few minutes, I was drawn into the mystique and charm of this movie; throw an angel into storyline and I’m hooked for the long haul. I loved the movie’s message; about friends, family and dreams. The movie became a Christmas classic but not for many years after it was made in 1946. It was actually released in the summer that year and bombed at the box office.






When I finished watching the movie, I wondered why this wasn’t a classic with its timeless message of Christmas spirit, incredible cast and storytelling. Over the next few years, Ronald Reagan became President and the movie began surfacing on television during the holiday season with uncanny frequency. I said to myself, “I knew it would find itself holiday time;” and did it ever. Back in the Garden State, in the early eighties, a few weeks before Christmas on a Saturday afternoon, I was flicking channels again with a more modern remote and stumbled upon “It’s A Wonderful Life” on  six different channels at the same time, staggered so that you could see the ending if you were so moved; six times. “Atta boy Clarence,” Jimmy Stewart (George Bailey) says near the end; witness to the multi decade birth of a Christmas classic movie. Television stations today conspire to only do one showing per season; but it’s still a certifiable classic.  Segue to the title of this article, ‘Eyewitness to a new classic Christmas song.’ By the way, I find it particularly haunting in my microcosmic synchronistic world that the angel in this movie is Clarence, and I’m writing about Clarence (Clemons). Hmmm!!





I told the story of the movie because in our crazy mixed-up, digital, smart-phone, fast food world, we’re likely to be witnessing the birth of yet another classic; this time an incredible Christmas song with such a moving emotional voice, the late ‘Big Man,’ Clarence Clemons. If you want to get in the mood before reading on, here’s the You Tube link to ‘There’s Still Christmas.’ Go listen and come back here.

I love angels and synchronicity. Forty-eight weeks ago, I came to know Jim Nuzzo and Dennis Bourke (and the late Stevie Betts, lyrics) who created this song with Clarence Clemons back in 1981. I’m a story teller so here goes.

Back in 1981, Stevie Betts (lyricist) and Dennis Bourke (melody) wrote this song, ‘There’s Still Christmas’ and teamed up with Jim Nuzzo (arranger, producer) and got manager Matty Breuer (assistant tour manager for Springsteen back then) to approach Clarence Clemons. They all met at Clarence’s Sea Bright, New Jersey home, had some wine and presented the words of the song to the ‘Big Man.’ Being on hiatus from touring with Springsteen, Clarence wanted to do it. He loved the message of the song; when things look down, there’s still Christmas; simple yet poignant. And Clarence’s rich baritone voice that is silenced now; propels this to classic status.  At the first recording session in October 1981, Clarence arrived wearing a cowboy hat. The next day he was wearing a Santa Claus hat and red vest exposing a chubby belly. He had Christmas lights put on the music stand; he was so in the mood to do this song. They rehearsed the song at ‘Big Man’s West’ in Red Bank; Clarence’s club. Jim and Dennis both told me about getting chills being in the same room with him when he performed. “He was a gentle down to earth guy,” Jim said.  To relax during the recording sessions, they played video games. To prepare for record company submission, Clarence recorded the other side on solo sax another Christmas classic “The Christmas Song.” The record company never picked up the song so it’s been sleeping all these years waiting for classic beams of particulate historic energy. Last year the song was released but like the movie, so few of us knew it existed. I listened and was blown away; his voice and persona holds me in a suspended state; like I’ve known him all these years; like it’s a special legacy to all of us to have him back in our lives at Christmas this year.

Imagine, after all these years; this song comes to us from Clarence at this holiday time of year; part of his enduring legacy.

Here’s some links to this wonderful life song/info:


Available for purchase on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and

You can also find ‘There’s Still Christmas’ on Facebook.

Bottom line. Please go listen and fall in love with the song. Purchase it. Sit by the fire place with a glass of wine or egg nog. Enjoy the Happy Holidays. Listen to his wondrous voice.

Thanks again to Jim Nuzzo and Dennis Bourke for their passion and time. And to Stevie Betts for his wonderful lyrics and words.

And Clarence.


Calvin Schwartz












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