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NJ DISCOVER: EXCLUSIVE SPOTLIGHT: Guinness World Records to officially certify “Sandy Castle 2013, Second Edition” as the new World’s Tallest Sandcastle on the first anniversary of Super Storm Sandy, Tuesday, October 29, 2013. Be There!!!  By Calvin Schwartz NJ DISCOVER: EXCLUSIVE SPOTLIGHT: Guinness World Records to officially certify “Sandy Castle 2013, Second Edition” as the new World’s Tallest Sandcastle on the first anniversary of Super Storm Sandy, Tuesday, October 29, 2013. Be There!!! By Calvin Schwartz(0)

NJ DISCOVER: EXCLUSIVE SPOTLIGHT: Guinness World Records to officially certify “Sandy Castle 2013, Second Edition” as the new World’s Tallest Sandcastle on the first anniversary of Super Storm Sandy, Tuesday, October 29, 2013. Be There!!!  By Calvin Schwartz




Before I go any further being a journalist, I should mention to “stay tuned” here at NJ Discover for details on next Tuesday’s October 29th commemorative events at Jenkinson’s Point Pleasant Beach coinciding with the completion of the world’s tallest sandcastle by renowned sculptor Ed Jarrett.  I had a chance to meet and interview Ed Jarrett several weeks ago just as the foundation for this sandcastle was being erected. Personally, I think it’s hugely thrilling that a Guinness World Records adjudicator will officially be on hand to certify.The other key ingredient to this successful sandcastle project at our Jersey shore:  Steve Conboy and his company, Eco Building Products have given unwavering support for the whole project and securing Guinness involvement.



Of course I had to ask about his journey to sculpting. “How did you evolve into all of this sand sculpting?”  Ed’s mother advised him that if he went to art school, he would become a starving artist so he went to Culinary Arts School at Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island. In one class, he learned how to ice carve. He remembered when an instructor walked out with a chain saw. “Standing in a puddle of water, I learned ice sculpture.”

While a junior student, he got into a seafood cooking challenge and beat out the instructors and best chefs in the state. Later he did a New York food show and took first place in pastry. He had his own ice carving and catering business before he graduated. Along the academic way, Ed took management courses and ended up managing private golf courses but still practiced snow and ice carvings. “I got into wood carving eight years ago and sand sculpture 11 years ago.”

There was also a need to ask Ed about this second sandcastle and soon to be world record holder. He was quick to reply, “It’s not about beating a record but all the community that comes out and helps. I want to see these kids wear the tee shirts with pride that they had a chance to sign official Guinness log book. It becomes a family and sense of community. People walking by on the boardwalk stop and ask, “Can I help?” And yes there is even a bucket brigade system used to move the 1.6 million pounds of sand.”




Earlier this year, Ed first attempt to break his world’s tallest sandcastle record which was well over over 30 feet, resulted in raising more than $50,000 for Hometown Heroes. Then I asked him why he is building a second castle so soon. “I came to Jersey to build one castle and now I’m building a second one to get the Guinness record for the 2500 school children (and the few thousand adult volunteers) that helped me on the first one. I’ve gotten world records every time I tried and been out here every day now to make this happen.”

Ed interrupted me and thanked NJ Discover for all they have done to support him with the live streaming 24/7 of the whole construction process which continues right through all the festivities next week.  Live streaming link:

By the way, it’s a very special sight to behold, even now as Ed races to completion on Sandy’s anniversary. Check out the live streaming. I just did again. The Jersey shore ocean looks great. The ‘Sandy Castle’ looks better and amazing. Yes, Jersey strong; that feeling is all over the sand being used so I asked about the sand and how is it able to withstand his weight and Mother Nature.

“In my three world records in Maine, I used lake sand which is powdery sifted sand. Every one of the grains is sharp because glaciers over time have roughed them up. Beach sand here is rounded by ocean currents and it becomes like marbles together. My sand is sharp and edges interlock like Velcro. Rain sucks the water in and pulls it tighter. I can walk on the castle.”

My final journalistic message here is to see if I can EXHORT all our readers to find their way next Tuesday October 29th to Point Pleasant Beach and the ‘Sandy Castle’ and be part of a Guinness World Record.  Being there (watch for timing details here) is a once in a lifetime experience; TRULY!!
















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Eco is the premier manufacturer of proprietary wood products coated with Eco Red Shield™, our exclusive eco-friendly chemistry that protects against mold, rot-decay, termites and now fire. We believe lumber is back as the best building material and invite you to learn more about our products, as well as what makes today’s framing lumber different and more susceptible to mold, termites and fire.





NJ Discover, a New Jersey based production company,  produces TV commercials, Web commercials, Local TV Show and Social Media Ad Delivery and Management Company that specializes in getting your video seen by your targeted audience. NJ Discover proudly serves the entire state and is dedicating to positive programming for New Jersey.



Hometown Heroes is a Charity whose main purpose is to foster an environment of goodwill, generosity, and encouragement by supporting local communities in times of crisis. Our Heroes help those in need, often with little or no time, to find a solution to a problem that at the time appears overwhelming. Learn more



And on Facebook (The Sandy Castle Foundation):




NJ DISCOVER: ON THE ROAD:  AT NATIONAL RURAL HEALTH DAY Warren County Community College Washington N.J.     By Calvin Schwartz   (video)  October 23, 2013 NJ DISCOVER: ON THE ROAD: AT NATIONAL RURAL HEALTH DAY Warren County Community College Washington N.J. By Calvin Schwartz (video) October 23, 2013(0)

NJ DISCOVER: ON THE ROAD:  AT NATIONAL RURAL HEALTH DAY Warren County Community College Washington N.J.     By Calvin Schwartz   (video)  October 23, 2013







On Wednesday September 25th NJ Discover journalists Tara-Jean Vitale and Calvin Schwartz hit the road,  departing  central New Jersey, under a clear blue autumn sky, to experience the third annual National Rural Health Day at the largest statewide activity to “Celebrate the Power of Rural.” This all-day event, supported entirely by volunteers, was held at the Washington campus of Warren County Community College. Free services (dental and medical screenings and services for the rural population of northwest Jersey) were available to all age groups.

Calvin Schwartz with Dr David Stein DDS.(Periodontist in East Brunswick)



Zufall Health Center, in cooperation with Delta Dental of New Jersey and Warren County Community College joined in putting together this integral program which screens patients for oral cancer, periodontal disease and cavities as well providing medical screenings for vision and glaucoma, blood pressure, weight and body mass index, asthma and blood sugar.

National Rural Health Day was created to showcase rural America and increase an awareness of rural health related issues such as difficulty in getting transportation to receive health care as well as a shortage of health care providers in rural areas. The Henry Schein Cares Foundation also supported this event. New Jersey is very much at the forefront of rural health. Tara-Jean Vitale noted on her first trip to this part of northwest Jersey. “It’s incredibly beautiful here but indeed surprisingly rural and pastoral.” I wanted to say “we’re not in Kansas,” to confront the stereotype that New Jersey is the Turnpike and Parkway; we’re quite rural as well.






NJ Discover reporters spent several hours interviewing key personnel involved in the event which ultimately would bring in several hundred patients. Enthusiasm of the volunteers as well as the patients was pervasive; it was quite special. Five hours later NJ Discover reporters were back in Monmouth County; a most inspiring day. Thanks to Dr. David Stein for lighting our awareness; Susan Cichowski, Michelle Blanchfield and Dr. Sam Wakim, all from Zufall Health Center, an integral part of rural health care in northwest Jersey; and to Roslyn Council, Program Specialist Coordinator, New Jersey Office of Rural Health.


Calvin Schwartz

NJ DISCOVER SPOTLIGHT: Hudson Valley Environmental (HVE); a vital company in the wake of Hurricane Sandy; what’s helping to make ‘Jersey Strong.’  By Calvin Schwartz   July 9, 2013 NJ DISCOVER SPOTLIGHT: Hudson Valley Environmental (HVE); a vital company in the wake of Hurricane Sandy; what’s helping to make ‘Jersey Strong.’ By Calvin Schwartz July 9, 2013(0)

NJ DISCOVER SPOTLIGHT: Hudson Valley Environmental (HVE); a vital company in the wake of Hurricane Sandy; what’s helping to make ‘Jersey Strong.’  By Calvin Schwartz   July 9, 2013




Sociologically, somehow after Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey emerged from being that place equidistant between Philadelphia and New York City to become the masters of our own fate, identity and destiny. What do I mean? I think Sandy showed the world what we’re made out of; a fierce determination to rebuild and rebound. Yes we are Jersey Strong. The world saw us in action. Prince Harry came by the Jersey shore recently. A week later President Obama and Governor Christie were here together cutting ribbons up and down the shore proclaiming reopening and rebirth.



In the midst of all the rebuilding energies in New Jersey, showing the world our resilience is an amazing company, Hudson Valley Environmental (HVE) intimately involved in many projects here. Much still needs to be done in Sandy’s aftermath. If you know of anyone still reeling from Sandy and needing any kind of constructive or deconstructive help, by all means get in touch with HVE. They do complete building demolition to simple air monitoring; they care about the people in Jersey; it’s their home state too. Since they are a full-service environmental remediation and demolition contractor, it allows them to take on difficult projects without subcontractors. Simply, this means more control, reducing costs, better quality and safety; they are getting things done quicker, even as we speak.






What is fascinating to me about HVE and their involvement in the rebuilding of our shore communities is that eight months ago, who really knew about HVE and their capabilities, services or about demolition, remediation, decontamination, deconstruction or dismantling. I always look at the extreme practical side of things.  Hudson Valley Environmental is the only company that has equipment that can raise a house 18 feet and will have a new foundation completed within one week; hugely critical with all the new rebuilding guidelines. HVE has a unique solutions center that is one stop shopping for all rebuilding needs.

This is all crucial to Jersey’s shore citizens. If you think you need any kind of help, big or small, check out HVE.  It is a brave new world and Jersey’s shore is coming back and companies like HVE are no longer invisible but a major part of our strength and revitalization after Sandy.


HVE 30 sec TV Commercial.

Hudson Valley Environmental Services  

396 Whitehead Ave   South River, NJ 08882


NJ DISCOVER SPOTLIGHT: Gary Cavico’s Blues Jam. Tuesday Nights. Runway 34.  By Calvin Schwartz  June 14, 2013 NJ DISCOVER SPOTLIGHT: Gary Cavico’s Blues Jam. Tuesday Nights. Runway 34. By Calvin Schwartz June 14, 2013(0)

NJ DISCOVER SPOTLIGHT: Gary Cavico’s Blues Jam. Tuesday Nights. Runway 34.  By Calvin Schwartz  June 14, 2013





A few months ago my friend Dru-Anne McLane-Palaima provided me with one of those amazingly  timely and fortuitous head’s up; a weekly Tuesday night  pure Blues Jam here in Monmouth County with almost celestial ambiance (at the Allaire Airport); all put together  by musician and local icon Gary Cavico. I’d been to Runway 34, a restaurant (with surprisingly good food and a real chef) and bar located literally a few hundred feet from the real airport runway. There is something intrinsically alluring to eating; drinking, listening to live music and having secret corporate jets taking off and landing close by. Throw in a few helicopters and let your imagination take over; who else is going to be at Gary Cavico’s Blues Jam that night?

Over the past year I’d been to Runway 34 for several varied musical adventures. I planned taking in a Blues Jam and being at Gary’s birthday party and finding some quiet time to interview him; all in one special night.  This night began different. I couldn’t find a parking space; a bit unusual as this is Farmingdale, New Jersey; seemingly as rural as Dothan, Alabama. When I walked in (after meandering close to the jets sitting quietly under a setting sun; a perfect photo-op) I was caught off guard. Standing room only; the bar scene and restaurant was wall to wall people. All of a sudden, I was in Memphis, no it was Nashville; no it was New Orleans. I couldn’t be in Jersey or even Kansas. The place was electric and countrified, not like my typical Garden State; there were boots and hats and folks dancing and blues blasting. I thought I saw Michael J. Fox and I was back to the future. It was a fun exciting happening new world. I kept fighting off notions of really being in New Jersey. I loved the atmosphere and being transported to another place and time. This was pure fun and great blues music; real blues and real people; like a cable reality show except I was there. I kept thinking to myself; I’ve got to get this message out there; to lure folks to this magic blues jam and extricate them from their sedentary sofa.




Well into the night, Gary and I slipped outside to a bench under a canopy; the quiet airport just behind us, bathed in surreal lights. I took out my reporter’s microphone and had to find out how the Blues Jam success came about.

“It started at Brewster’s in Bradley Beach bowling alley four years ago around Christmas,” Gary proudly said. It originally started because he needed a ‘free’ place to rehearse with his band. There was a barter arrangement; he kept his equipment there. They played an hour set, “then it exploded.” “We thought it would just be a couple of guys but many people showed up to jam. We needed a list and some structure. The place was packed. Then I had to sort out all these musicians and egos.”

“People come in now and I’ve got five columns; guitar, bass, drummer, other and singer. But it must be strictly blues, a universal language.” After Brewster’s, Gary moved the jam to Chico’s House of Jazz in Asbury Park; a place that could really. I’ve been there enough times to know; it’s got New Orleans written all over it.  “Then Dru-Anne told me about Runway 34. Everyone has a blast here. I still leave my equipment and rehearse for an hour.”

I asked about the composition of musicians who play here. “It’s a crap shoot who you play with. Beginners play with pros and learn from it. It’s up to the pros to make it sound good. The purpose of the jam is to play with people you never played with.  Four to five people are up there. Everybody can follow everybody else.”

It was an interview interrupted.  Every few minutes someone was coming over to Gary and thanking him for the night and the music and wishing him happy birthday. Gary called out to each one, “see you next week.” My microphone kept running. Finally I had to ask Gary, “If I went into your car, who would you be listening to on cassette or cd?” He answered right away, “Albert King.”  It made sense to me. Albert King was an American blues guitarist and singer and a major influence in the world of blues guitar playing.

Yes I loved my time there. I thanked Gary and Dru-Anne and then tried to be a little dramatic when I said like Arnold did, “I’ll be back.” If you’re reading this, you should get here too.

Calvin Schwartz   June 14, 2013


















The following excerpt is from Facebook and a description of Gary’s Blue Jam:


Strictly Blues Jam at runway 34 Tuesday Nites …..Rules

“List goes out at 6:30 pm while Stone Blue (house band) plays a rehearsal set..Then the jam starts at 7:30pm …goes till 11pm

You must sign up as an individual jammer..No special requests for lineup preferences will be honored…Absolutely no full bands,no solo acts,no duos ..The purpose for this is so people who come have to play with people they might not normally play with..People are grouped together by me,primarily by the order of the list to keep it fair to all…You must play Electric blues….By that I mean that you must pick straight ahead blues songs staying close to the 1-4-5 twelve bar blues format.The purpose for this is so the relatively new blues enthusiasts can play with the top players and still make good music…3 song sets or less if you take long to set up (pedals,drum adjustments etc),or you waste time teaching the group some complicated song..Again these rules are posted in an effort to be fair to everyone..Remember this jam is NOT YOUR PERSONAL SHOWCASE..It is here for people who are interested in playing and listening to blues can come out and make friends,do some networking ,and work on your blues chops with other Blues enthusiasts..If you are a newcomer,and you are courteous in your behavior,and playing ,you will be welcomed with open arms by the regulars…If you are pushy,or rude to me or other players you will be shut down quickly ..Share vocals and solos equally among other players..Again the purpose of these rules is to be fair to everyone that is truly interested in playing blues…If you are a good player ,it will get noticed.You don’t have to play loud….Also if you are a good player and get grouped with people that don’t make YOU sound as good as you may want,The rest of the people in the room understand why…Next time you may get grouped with the ideal players for your style. Backline is provided …drums,bass amp ,2guitar amps,2 microphones,pa system.”


Linda Chorney: Her new book “Who the F— is Linda Chorney:” a Review and Invitation to the  Book Release Party at Watermark in Asbury Park Wednesday June 5th, 2013  By Calvin Schwartz     May 31, 2013 Linda Chorney: Her new book “Who the F— is Linda Chorney:” a Review and Invitation to the Book Release Party at Watermark in Asbury Park Wednesday June 5th, 2013 By Calvin Schwartz May 31, 2013(1)

Linda Chorney: Her new book “Who the F— is Linda Chorney:” a Review and Invitation to the  Book Release Party at Watermark in Asbury Park Wednesday June 5th, 2013  By Calvin Schwartz     May 31, 2013




I’m certainly not the New York Times or Kirkus Reviews but here I am about to say a few words about ‘Who the F—k is Linda Chorney.’  Riveting is a good word to begin with. Anyone with molecular attachments to our American music world is going to be riveted; therefore that means a must read.  Music companies, industry insiders and some journalists are not necessarily nice. I never knew the extent until Linda excited my optic nerve with her home grown writing style.  Often when reading, I stopped, closed my eyes and Linda was in the room with me carefully narrating in diary form her anguish and adventures taking her to the Grammy award ceremony. “She’s so funny, “I thought about her imaginative often silly usage of names of some of the adversaries; a gentle word. I’ll leave Linda for the colorful alternatives. I think I shall never see anything quite like a tree or look at the business side of the music world the same ever again.  Shame on them.


Linda lit my fire and brought me to think that it seems like old times; it’s the 1950’s and the word payola made headlines as the traditional music establishment was reacting against newcomers. Linda is an Indie and damn proud; same as a newcomer.  Deja-vu just lassoed me.  Good gosh, nothing has changed. Linda has exposed this not nice industry and media friends of it. Bravo to a courageous and talented musician. And I loved her dirty words utilization and commentary; purist Chorney colorful.  She was talking to me. She reminded me of John Dean (a hero) with her powers of perfect recollection. And  I love pictures and she used them; another evocation of my smiling all throughout the read.

I love hip shooting. I just shot from there. Linda’s ‘Who  the F—k is Linda Chorney,’ is  a must read with or without music proclivities. She’s tough and honest and warm and funny; the essence of memorable memoir literature. Her book is even a great beach read, under an umbrella or boardwalk. I loved it.

The Book Release party is on Wednesday June 5th at the Watermark in Asbury Park. Hey, you’re all invited. She’ll sing, and talk and make you laugh and other emotions.


“The book “WHO THE F**K IS LINDA CHORNEY: A CINDERELLA STORY”, exposes an industry that tried to undermine her nomination and destroy her career with accusations of cyber cheating to actual death threats. Delivered with her unique brand of charming musical irreverence and hilarious vitriol, the show is PART CONCERT, PART READING, PART Q & A. FREE ADM/AFTER SHOW BOOK SIGNING with purchase of the book ($20, avail at door). $10 admission w/o book. (Have the book? Present at door, get in free, enjoy the show and get it signed!!)”



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

7:00pm until 10:30pm

Watermark Asbury Park

800 Ocean Avenue, Second Floor, Asbury Park, New Jersey 07712

MIKE MARINO: “New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy.”  An NJ Discover Special Inside Look and Upcoming East Coast Tour.  By Calvin Schwartz    May 29th 2013 MIKE MARINO: “New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy.” An NJ Discover Special Inside Look and Upcoming East Coast Tour. By Calvin Schwartz May 29th 2013(0)

MIKE MARINO: “New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy.”  An NJ Discover Special Inside Look and Upcoming East Coast Tour.  By Calvin Schwartz    May 29th 2013






Mike Marino is the consummate comedian; he just makes you laugh non-stop and with timely topics (I’ll explain shortly) I discovered ‘New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy’ last summer at ‘Asbury Park Comedy Festival.’  And I said to myself “he’s one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever seen.” Point being, I’m simply a ‘comedic snob.’ Comedy is a gift and a special art form. Back in the sixties, I discovered Lenny Bruce, one of comedy’s greatest pioneers and innovators, albeit quite controversial because society was not ready for his bad words and bits. I’ve been a fan of Lenny’s ever since and ironically the Asbury Comedy Festival benefited the Lenny Bruce Foundation.








How perfect the synchronicity to catch Mike Marino that night for the first time. We had a chance to talk back stage afterwards; I marveled at his graciousness, affability and accessibility.  A few weeks later, Mike called and invited me to a gig at an experimental comedy club in Hoboken; once again he just made me laugh and laugh. He’s a cool, smooth and endearing guy with some of the best material I’ve ever heard.









Now here’s where it all gets interesting. Some of Mike’s routines I’ve actually used in a comedic way (giving him all the credit) and sometimes I go introspective and realize Mike Marino is also a genius and clairvoyant, almost with the gift of the ‘shining.’  So what do I mean by this. Mike’s comedy is so relevant and futuristic, it can be used by current politicians to propel them into major office; yes a provocative thought and so therefore I challenge my readers to catch Mike’s east coast tour in June, put on your thinking caps and imagination gowns and drift into the land of Honah Lee or some Jersey shore jetty.





I hope this was challenging enough for you to catch Mike in June. He will be back in Asbury Park for the Comedy Festival this summer and I should insist you all come to this event. It’s in Asbury, the ocean is a few feet away, it’s for a good cause and you’ll laugh in a purist unbridled way. That’s how funny this Jersey bad boy of comedy is. And take my cerebral challenge to see how certain politicians in a new evolving world should laugh and listen to Mike Marino at the same time. Wow, powerful stuff. But Mike is a powerful innovator. And by the way do not pass go, don’t wait and get thee to Mike’s east tour in June.  I think I’ll get praised once you do catch Mike.

Calvin Schwartz



Mike’s East Coast Tour




Borgata Casino
Atlantic City, NJ




Ridgefield, CT 06877




Cliffhanger Productions Golf Tournament



Mohegan Sun

Now I have an idea. Mike made this “sizzle reel” of 9:44 minutes of some of Mike’s highlights:






Mike Marino’s Official BIO:


Mike Marino – affectionately known to thousands of his fans as New Jersey’s Bad Boy – is one of the most unique comics of our time. He has performed in every major comedy club from New York to Los Angeles including: The MGM Grand, Catch a Rising Star, The Comic Strip, Stand Up NY, The Improv, Rascals and The Icehouse. Mike, who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, can be seen nightly as a top headliner at both the world famous Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store in Hollywood.

Mike was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. He entered the world of theatre at an early age, and is a graduate of the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Mike has appeared in over 200 national television commercials, and has received a Best Actor Clio Award Nomination. He has acted in many Prime Time soaps and television shows including: As the World Turns, One Life to Live, Becker, Nikki, Frasier and Party of Five. His film credits include Crooks, Pizza with Bullets, Hangin’ in Hedo and Steven King’s Lucky Quarter.

After great success in film, theatre, commercials and soaps, Mike began touring the country performing at countless comedy clubs and sold out theatres in the thousands. His stand-up material ranges from cutting edge observations of everyday life to his Italian family roots; which recently spun into a T.V. pilot called “Marino’s”. His comedic style has landed him guest appearances on The Tonight Show as a regular sketch player, The Martin Short Show, Comics Unleashed, The Boomer Show, Wild Pitch, Hand Held Comedy Radio and the Rascals Comedy Hour to name a few.

In the Fall of 2008, Mike was inducted into the New Jersey Comedy Hall of Fame. Mike has also been featured on numerous talk shows and has hosted some of the most prestigious award shows including The Beverly Hills Film Awards, Hoboken Film Festival, and the Montreal Quintus Film Festival. He has also headlined several USO Comedy Tours and the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada.

Mike has a tongue like a razor and a heart of gold. He has the incredible ability to perform in any arena, big or small, and can cater his material for all audiences, from strictly clean to down and dirty. He has performed in hundreds of corporate functions for companies including AT&T, United Airlines, American Express, Paul Mitchell, IBM, Wella, Merrill Lynch, Sebastian Intl., Toyota, L.A.S.D., N.J. Asphalt Assoc., The City of Hope, OSIA, and the LAPD. Mike Has performed for numerous charities including Aids Project – LA, Haven House, Team earthworks, and the Eric Davis Cancer Fund. When Marino is not performing, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family on the East Coast.




Terry Camp: Super Lawyer, Photographer Extraordinaire, Raconteur: Turns 50  with Big Bash/Concert/Party at Stone Pony (Video) Host Calvin Schwartz Terry Camp: Super Lawyer, Photographer Extraordinaire, Raconteur: Turns 50 with Big Bash/Concert/Party at Stone Pony (Video) Host Calvin Schwartz(0)

Terry Camp: Super Lawyer, Photographer Extraordinaire, Raconteur: Turns 50  with Big Bash/Concert/Party at Stone Pony on March 30th, 2013 An NJ Discover Introspective Interview(Video)

By Calvin Schwartz  March 25, 2013





Rarely does a journalist get that special opportunity to do an in depth interview with an energy and personality that brings together an essence of special music history, New Jersey, law and photography. Terry Camp called me a few weeks ago and briefed me on his upcoming 50th birthday party and concert at the Stone Pony on March 30th and would I be interested in putting an interview together for NJ Discover? Would I ever!





The intimate stories and history of our musical heritage here in central Jersey fascinates me beyond. Of course Terry’s history means Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, The Stone Pony, John Eddie, Willie Nile, JoBonanno, Asbury Park, Tony Pallagrosi and on and on.

So with my co-writer, editor, producer and amazing film editor Tara-Jean Vitale from NJ Discover we hit the yellow brick Garden State Parkway for points adjacent to the Short Hills Mall; notably Terence (legal nomenclature) Camp’s law offices at Budd Larner for a view of his photographic history that Terry has represented on his walls; almost a wing of the rock and roll museum.






A week later Kyle Brendle graciously opened the Stone Pony at high noon; we talked   to Terry. A week later Tara-Jean and I were back in the quiet solitude of a magical Stone Pony to finish and tweak. And for days that followed it was all a labor of love and fascination; a glimpse into Terry’s wonderful world of musical history and anecdotes. How I love anecdotes and our time with Terry and expect you will too. And of course see you all on March 30th.  This is all good stuff.  And once again so much thanks to Tara-Jean Vitale who did the magical filming and editing.







I’m rushing to get this story out: I was privileged to be granted press credentials for today’s court hearing which affects the lives of 80 homeless humans living in Tent City in Lakewood, New Jersey. This has been a battle for the past 12 years between the city of Lakewood and Ocean County versus the homeless living in tents. One issue is the county has no homeless shelters; so where do these humans live?  What’s this I hear that Monmouth County got $2.6 million out of Hurricane Sandy relief funds to be used for homeless issues?  Ocean County got $260,000. Lakewood wants Tent City bulldozed and the people evicted. The judge contends homeless must be provided for before that can happen.

A packed court room waited nearly 90 minutes while attorneys for the city and county and amazing attorney for the homeless, Jeff Wild hammered out some of the differences between both sides in Judge Joseph Foster’s chamber,

Both sides go back on May 3rd to ratify and work out final agreement.  Tent City can’t accept any more people; a census will be taken. When all 80 humans are provided decent shelter for at least a year then the land goes back to Lakewood and Tent City is no more. But Minister Steven Brigham is equally concerned with long term issues of the homeless in Ocean County. Please Google Destiny’s Bridge for the dream of homeless dignity.

A meeting is being held as we speak with the residents of Tent City. They ultimately must ratify the agreement.



First Lady of New Jersey visits Point Pleasant NJ (video) First Lady of New Jersey visits Point Pleasant NJ (video)(0)

First Lady of New Jersey Mary Pat Christie visited Jersey Mike’s and Rite Aid in Point Pleasant, NJ to thank these local businesses for their support in the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief efforts.


Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund partnered with Jersey Mike’s Subs in Monmouth and Ocean Counties for the 3rd annual March Month of Giving. Anyone can make a donation to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund at any Jersey Mike’s restaurant.

On March 27, 100% of all donations at Jersey Mike’s franchises in Monmouth and Ocean Counties will be donated to the Fund.

Since 2010, Jersey Mike’s franchisees and team members throughout the country, supported by its generous customers, have raised more than $5 million for worthy local charities and distributed more than 500,000 free sub sandwiches to help numerous causes.

At Rite Aid, company officials and employees presented First Lady of New Jersey MaryPat Christie with a $50,000 donation from the Rite Aid Foundation as well as $299,622.47 donated by Rite Aid customers and associates during its in-store fundraising campaign done nationwide last year.

Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund is still deciding where to allocate the money. Part of the funds will go to nonprofits that can help homeowners fill in “the gaps” between money they receive from their own insurance companies, as well as any state or federal loans or grants.

“We’re going to be doing additional rounds of disbursements,” she said. “We have a long term view on this and we’re hoping to donate $1 million to groups working on long-term recovery.”










Donations are accepted at the website.


Donations are being donated at Jersey Mike’s.  The fund has joined forces with Jersey Mike’s Subs “Month of Giving” Campaign. It’s a chance to give back during the month of March.

Article by TaraJean Vitale, Video Produced by Noelle Ciumei, Photographs by Calvin Schwartz

Reflections and Interviews: Celebrating the Birthday of Clarence Clemons (The Big Man) at Wonder Bar, Asbury Park (Video)    By Calvin Schwartz Reflections and Interviews: Celebrating the Birthday of Clarence Clemons (The Big Man) at Wonder Bar, Asbury Park (Video) By Calvin Schwartz(1)

 Historic Night: Celebrating the Birthday of Clarence Clemons at Wonder Bar, Asbury Park

 By Calvin Schwartz

YouTube Preview Image





On Jan 12th hundreds of fans, family and friends came together to celebrate the birthday of Clarence Clemons, ‘The Big Man’ at a sold out Wonder Bar in Asbury Park. NJ Discover TV was given the honor by the Clemons Family to video personal reflections of some who knew and loved the Big Man. The evening was also a benefit to raise money for area school district music departments that lost instruments and various supplies in Hurricane Sandy.







What made the evening uniquely special was that the State of New Jersey made an official declaration (the day before) on January 11th  which now recognizes “Clarence Clemons Day”  every  January 11th and although there will be many events in the following weeks; this was the official “Clemons Family Event” birthday celebration.

For NJ Discover, the evening was purely magical and wondrous to have been involved with such an outpouring of love and memories of Clarence’s unique and historic presence. Feeling the electricity and energy the entire night was easy; all palpable and recorded for posterity. To be able to share is very special.

Before the special night, I composed the following thoughts why I thought the evening was historic. Perhaps fitting and proper to share those words again here:










Historic ingredients (alignment of celestial forces of relevancy) of a special day/musical concert: There have been Hurricane Sandy events throughout our state. We’ve all come to understand what ‘Jersey Strong’ means. We live it every day; always have; just so much more pronounced these days. You take this awareness and add the late great Clarence Clemon’s Birthday on January 11th and the historic resolution by the New Jersey Senate to annually honor one of the Jersey Shore’s (and worlds) most iconic musicians with a day named after him. Every Jan. 11 will now be Clarence Clemons Day. Last week the NJ Senate passed a resolution sponsored by Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11) that memorializes the legendary saxophonist from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

More ingredients. The Clemon’s Family and Nick Clemons (Clarence Clemons III) have chosen to celebrate Clarence’s birthday with “Celebrating Clarence: The Big Man’s Birthday Benefit” at the Wonderbar in Asbury Park  January 12th.

Even More ingredients. Nick Clemons has a sensitive and caring soul tuned to the pulse of what’s relevant, happening and charitable (pay it forward) in our Jersey world. Back last summer, he produced the Asbury Comedy and Music Festival to benefit the Lenny Bruce Foundation and Lenny’s House.  With this benefit on January 12th, Nick and the Clemons Family decided to raise money for area school district music departments that have lost instruments and various supplies in Hurricane Sandy; how relevant and meaningful to give to the dramatically impacted world of music education in the name of iconic musician Clarence Clemons.

I spoke to Emma Fretz, instrument, choral and general music instructor at both Point Pleasant Beach High and Bay Head Schools which suffered heavy damage to their music resources. Things you never realize: In Bay Head School, they had seven feet of water in the music room. And “because the room is two feet below sea level, content insurance does not cover this and the insurance is null and void,” Emma explained. So their music program resources were completely destroyed. “You don’t realize how expensive even the little things are, like sheet music or hand bells,” Emma continued.  Along comes Clarence’s birthday, Nick Clemons, his energy and commitment and we’ve got a night of music and birthday celebrations ; as I say, “Get off the sedentary sofa and come for music, celebration, poignant causes and history.”

I think the perfect celestial alignment of stars, moon and Big Man.

Calvin Schwartz



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