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SPECIAL BENEFIT: FOR DAVE BARKALOW, DRUMMER, EDDIE TESTA BAND. The Cabin, Howell NJ September 27th 2013 by Calvin Schwartz SPECIAL BENEFIT: FOR DAVE BARKALOW, DRUMMER, EDDIE TESTA BAND. The Cabin, Howell NJ September 27th 2013 by Calvin Schwartz(0)



A very emotional night is planned as the central Jersey music community again comes together to support one of their own, Dave Barkalow,  a longtime drummer for the Eddie Testa Band, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. From 4 PM on, the Cabin (Route 33, Howell)  will donate a percentage of food sales to aid in Barkalow’s fight against cancer. At  9 PM The Eddie Testa Band with special guests including Gary US Bonds will rock the night away. For more information you can go to or on Facebook to: There will be a continuing call for donations as well as  now being able to donate things for the auction; all to help a poignant cause and very special man, Dave Barkalow.

Calvin Schwartz, for NJ Discover.


HOWEVER AS OF THIS WRITING on Thursday September 19th the music event has SOLD-OUT at the Cabin. BUT, BUT pending good weather next Friday they will open up the ‘beer garden’ at the Cabin which can accommodate 300 hundred more people. So YOU can BE THERE and be part of this emotional night.

Here is information in Eddie Testa’s own words:





Film Documentary ‘Destiny’s Bridge.’  Due to Overwhelming Demand: A Second Screening Thursday September 19th 2013 Middlebrook Cinema 7PM Ocean Township, NJ By Calvin Schwartz Film Documentary ‘Destiny’s Bridge.’ Due to Overwhelming Demand: A Second Screening Thursday September 19th 2013 Middlebrook Cinema 7PM Ocean Township, NJ By Calvin Schwartz(0)

  Film Documentary ‘Destiny’s Bridge.’  Due to Overwhelming Demand: A Second Screening Thursday September 19th 2013 Middlebrook Cinema 7PM Ocean Township, NJ

By Calvin Schwartz






On August 7th the premiere of ‘Destiny’s Bridge’ was held at Two River Theatre in Red Bank NJ. It was a complete sell out. I worked on the committee to put this premiere together. The overwhelming demand for tickets was beyond expectations. Hundreds of people were turned away. Because of the important message of the film and on-going real life story of the people still living in Tent City in Lakewood, film maker Jack Ballo will be bringing a second screening of ‘Destiny’s Bridge’ to Middlebrook Cinema 1502 Route 35 South, Ocean Township, N.J. on Thursday September 19th 2013 at 7PM

Calvin Schwartz

Tickets are only $10 and can only be purchased ONLINE (Print your own ticket) at 

As with the premiere, after the film, there will be a Q&A, with filmmaker Jack Ballo; Tent City Founder, Minster Steve Brigham; and Tent City residents featured in the documentary film. This segment is as emotional as the film is.






In case you missed my article on NJ Discover website in August heralding the premiere of ‘Desinty’s Bridge’ and my personal involvement/feelings, I’ll re-print here:

Tent City in Lakewood. The Movie Documentary ‘Destiny’s Bridge.’  A Movie Review and Personal Journey to Involvement. Premiere August 7th at Two River Theatre in Red Bank   By Calvin Schwartz  August 1st 2013






Journeys to sensitivity and understanding sometimes begin innocently with little fanfare and symphonies. On Easter Sunday 2012, I attended a concert of awareness for the people of Tent City in Lakewood passionately put together by Rosemary Conte. With my son, we filmed the event for NJ Discover. I had no concept of what Tent City was and the fact that around 100 humans were living in tents for years without electricity, heat or basic amenities because Ocean County has no shelters for the homeless. Tent City was 24 minutes from where I’ve lived for 24 years but that didn’t register in my frontal lobe. While listening to the music close to the staging area, a bus of Tent City residents arrived at the far end of the plaza for food and clothing donations. Minister Stephen Brigham brought the tent residents in his yellow school bus; that scene was still far away from me in several ways. I stayed with my son but saw people holding empty plates waiting on a food line. An image of President Herbert Hoover’s Great Depression flashed across my unsympathetic retina. Close to the musicians I remained.  It seemed the thing to do. When I got home that night, I forgot about the hungry homeless and talked to my family about the special Jersey musicians I heard for the first time.

Cut to January. Hurricane Sandy relief concerts were happening all over the Garden State. My past written words of support and admiration for Rosemary Conte and her wondrous musical and life contributions caught up to her; we became friends. She invited me to cover a Sandy benefit concert at McCloone’s in Asbury Park for NJ Discover. I interviewed her and then came an introduction to Sherry Rubel, concert organizer, photographer extraordinaire and Tent City activist.




Now it’s February. I’m at a place for coffee and conversation on a busy highway in East Brunswick, N.J with Sherry Rubel. Two weeks later on a very cold sunny day, Tara-Jean Vitale (NJ Discover producer) and I met Sherry across the street from the entrance to Tent City in Lakewood. We were packing TV cameras and microphones for our day in a new world. Patches of pure white snow from the night before looked like special effects. The dirt road was frozen; so was I emotionally. A thin veil of disbelief at my surroundings settled subtly around me. It was numbing; humans in the second richest state in America existing like this. Then I met Angelo, an endearing eloquent resident who invited me into his tent, briefly excusing himself, while I stood immobile and incredulous on how cold it was in the tent.  He went outside to chop wood for the wood burning stove which was not warming the tent well.  His bed was made perfectly. At that moment, in such brutal cold, where humans sleep and exist in the Lakewood winter, I thought about never being quite the same again. And I’m not. Something inside me aches (a soul?) from being overwhelmed. An hour later we interviewed Minister Stephen Brigham, a twelfth generation American. Illuminating and inspiring to us, he’s been devoting much of an adult lifetime to the cause of ‘Destiny’s Bridge;’ a journey to finding suitable and dignified housing in a self-sustainable community of homeless humans. I like using the term ‘humans.’





It’s not within the scope of this article to do self-intestinal excavation and journalizing my time at Tent City.  But a few months later, I was back there with filmmaker Jack Ballo and had a chance to meet residents and talk and listen. Uncovering his wealth of character and poignancy, I met Michael, a long time Tent City resident with his wife Marilyn. He was able to bring a piano from his home before it was lost and kept it under a tarp like on a baseball field in a rainstorm. He played Beethoven and Procul Harum, ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ for me. Enamored and drawn to his depth and warmth, I drifted far away standing close to Michael; I was still numb from months earlier at Tent City. It was cloudy and mild this day; easier for Michael and all the residents to sleep at night. But it is all hard; a very hard rain. I need to yell; maybe it will help me understand how and why in 2013 here in New Jersey this exists. Everything I saw that day after listening to Michael play the piano was visually a whiter shade of pale; hard to explain; perhaps a perfect segue to review the documentary, ‘Destiny’s Bridge.’





I’m not a Siskel or Ebert. On the other hand, I have evolved over my tech noir years of ‘Casablanca,’ ‘From Here to Eternity,’ ‘On the Waterfront;’ where perhaps I’m now a contender to talk about movies. Part of the evolution side effect is a bit of snobbish attitude to viewing movies; can’t waste time watching ineptitude in film making and storytelling. Movie making is an art form and a great gift. The works of quintessential movie makers fascinate me. I’ll notice eye-brows moving and the wispy windy sounds of a tree next to a window as two characters are staring at the moon. I take it all in; pure cinematic absorption. I need to learn, emote and feel. Looking back, motion pictures have helped congeal my views of the world and changed my life. Watching ‘Casablanca’ for the 44th time some years ago formed the basis of my first novel.

So when I previewed the movie ‘Destiny’s Bridge’ a few weeks ago, I found myself instantly riveted into the world of Tent City. My emotional ties developed quickly with the residents; sensitive caring humans looking for dignity and respect in a cold world. Jack Ballo seamlessly weaves their stories and interconnectivity of existence; how they depend on one another. I can say it was beautiful film making; vivid photography heightened the stark reality. You will learn about the harsh human condition of homelessness from this documentary.

Yes, it is an exquisite film which means sensitive, emotional, real and poignant.  Back to my being a snob about movies; I’ve since watched it again. You may need to do the same; the film delivers a powerful message about homelessness and Minister Stephen Brigham’s vision for a future. Then Jack Ballo’s treatise on the lives of some of the people; you grow fond and bond with them, maybe wanting to reach out and help. You care about their lives. The film is beautiful because it makes you feel something inside. It evokes. I love when I’m evoked to emote by a film.

It was a painstaking meticulous project for Ballo; a year of his life for the desire to make a difference. I look at myself right now at this point in time somewhere in a universe. ‘Destiny’s Bridge’ has innervated and moved me; therefore a brilliant work. There’s sadness in the final scene looking down from high above; in some ways leaving that homeless world below but also heralding an awareness that much needs to be done.  All my above criteria for good movie making have been met; I call it a contender. Here’s thanking and looking at you Jack Ballo.


Important Links:

ASBURY PARK COMEDY FEST WEEKEND Aug 23, 24 and 26th  (Aug 24th BIG Comedy Show at Paramount Theater) BE THERE!!!! ASBURY PARK COMEDY FEST WEEKEND Aug 23, 24 and 26th (Aug 24th BIG Comedy Show at Paramount Theater) BE THERE!!!!(0)

ASBURY PARK COMEDY FEST WEEKEND Aug 23, 24 and 26th  (Aug 24th BIG Comedy Show at Paramount Theatre) BE THERE!!!!


On a personal note:  last year’s first Comedy Fest in Asbury Park was a magical hands-on (Vincent Pastore running around outside on the Boardwalk and Mike Marino being the NJ Bad Boy of Comedy) amazing fun time.  A lot of laughs of course and surprises. Same with next week for the 2nd ANNUAL ASBURY PARK COMEDY FEST.   I also like the night before the Paramount Show at the Wonder Bar (Aug 23rd) to unwind and let loose. I love the notion of comedic surprises at the Paramount. I love/need laughing for a few hours non stop. As a local  writer these past few years, I always seek the words to move, motivate and extricate folks from the confines of their sedentary sofas to come down to the shore. There are too many reasons for you all (yawl) to get to Asbury Park next weekend. Hey it’s the shore, NJ strong stuff, plenty of restaurants and art galleries and eclectic electric comedians and hosted by Mike Marino.    

Calvin Schwartz  1:11 pm  Aug 16th 2013













































Special Fund Raising Event for Hurricane Sandy Victims  Doubletree Hotel Eatontown NJ   by Calvin Schwartz Special Fund Raising Event for Hurricane Sandy Victims Doubletree Hotel Eatontown NJ by Calvin Schwartz(0)

 Major Fund (Fun) Raiser for Sandy Relief. Doubletree Hotel Eatontown NJ Sat March 30th 11:30 am to 3 PM 


There are events to support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. And there are events. Saturday March 30th there is something very special. I don’t usually go beyond the confines of my microcosmic journalistic reporting here at NJ Discover but I am now. This is going to be one electric eclectic morning/afternoon event so I just put on my “urging hat” (I always wear hats as you know) and seriously urge you all out there within 179 miles of Eatontown to come down for prizes, endless food and unusually special entertainment. I’ve met John Rubio, marketer extraordinaire and an incredible energetic force for giving back to our state. The best way for me tell you about the event is present it all here at NJ Discover with links to guide you.

Come one “COME ALL” with a $25 gift card or CASH at the door to the incredible Sterling Ballroom at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Tinton Falls.   One person with a gift card or CASH allows up to 10 (TEN) family members or friends to enjoy the food, entertainment and prizes!!!  

“Let’s Be A Blessing To Those Who Need Our Helping Hands And Healing Hearts To Get Them Back On Their Feet”… ALL YOU CAN EAT for you and up to TEN other people!



1) Carrabba’s Italian Grill
1864 Highway 35
Middletown, NJ 7748
Attn: Jerilyn Rembisz GM / Beth
Phone: (732) 615-9061

2) Applebee’s
2301 State Route 66,
Ocean, NJ 07712
Attn: Antonio Rivera – General Manager
(732) 922 1300

3) T.G.I. Friday’s
180 State Route 35
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Attn: JP – General Manager
(732) 542 2441

4) Olive Garden
230 Route 35
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Attn: Vicki Casilla – General Manager
Ast.GM. Patrick Kelly
(732) 389-4585

5) Domino’s Pizza
115 State Route 35
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Attn: Nick Amato – General Manager
(732) 389-2300

7) Red Lobster
2200 State Route 35
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
Attn: Mr. Michael Peterson / Mr. Mike Cyprych
(732) 493-2404

8) Starbucks Coffee
2100 State Route 35
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
Attn: Ashley General Manager
(732) 493-8770
(250 Cups of Starbucks Coffee)

9) Chick-fil-A
180 St Hwy 35 Monmouth Mall
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Contact: Jeff Bassett (Owner)
(732) 542 -2243

10) Gourmet Petite Cupcakes for All Occasions!!!
Phone: 732-580-4596

To RSVP and Get All Your Questions Answered Call (732) 720-7292 … and ask for the
“BIG Kahuna” who’ll be waiting on your call this very minute (24/7)!



This event will be held at the impeccable Five Star, “DoubleTree by Hilton, Tinton Falls-Eatontown”, 700 Hope Road, Eatontown, NJ. They donated their Sterling Ballroom on Saturday, March 30th from 11:30am to 3:00pm.   The Radiance will have an incredible red carpet celebrity packed, mini-fashion show with amazing food, fun, dancing and live entertainment.





On Saturday, March 30th at 12:00 noon they’ll be presenting “door prizes” to each winner who donated a gift card throughout the month.  Plus, have mind-blowing food, and amazing mouth watering deserts catered by some of the best restaurants along the Jersey Shore.

Here are just a few local businesses and corporations who agreed to donate a door prize:

AMC 15 Monmouth Mall Movie’s located in Eatontown, NJ has donated ten movie passes!

Air Brush Tanning Studio in Fair Haven, NJ has donated 5 full body air brush tanning sessions (a $40 value each total value $200.00).

Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce has donated 6 passes ($30.00 value each) to their 2nd Annual Restaurant Tour on April 28th.  WOW, who else is hungry?

Chick-fil-A located in the Monmouth Mall, Eatontown, NJ will be donating 100 Chick-fil-A Sandwiches and will bring the “Cow” to our March Madness Celebration!

Lowe’s Home Improvements’ in Eatontown, NJ will be donating gift cards.

Healthy Glow Airbrush Tanning located in Little Silver, NJ has donated five full body airbrush tanning sessions (a $40.00 value each, donating $200.00 in services plus, 350 $10 gift certificates redeemable towards a full body tan).

Jersey Shore Premium Outlets located in Tinton Falls and Jackson Premium Outlets located near Six Flags Great Adventure have donated 400 VIP Vouchers (a $2,000.00 value)!  Each voucher is valued at $5.00 and worth hundreds of dollars in savings at participating stores.   Additionally, they have donated (20) $10.00 Tommy Hilfiger Gift Cards (value $200.00).  Now this is HOT!


Jersey Shore Premium Outlets Tinton Falls, NJ (732) 918-1700

Jackson Premium Outlets Jackson, NJ (732) 833-0503

Spray De Sole located in Long Branch, NJ has donated a gift certificate for a full body “organic” spay tanning session (a $37.00 value).

Fancy Nails Spa located in Asbury Park, NJ has donated a $50.00 gift certificate for nails.

Giamano’s Restaurant located in Bradley Beach, NJ is donating a $50.00 gift certificate to Hometown Heroes Restore the Shore.  Given 3 ½ Stars by the NY Times.  For 28 years The Manno Family has been serving the finest traditional Italian Cuisine.  Made to order, using the finest quality ingredients.  Boutique wine collection, and live Music in the “Upstairs Room.”  (732) 775-4275

Southern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce located in Wall, NJ has donated two tickets ($80.00 value) to their Scholarship BBQ at Bar A, on August 15, 2013 from 5:30 – 8:00 PM.  The event is an open bar with BBQ style food, live music and a silent auction.  (732) 280-8800

Liquid Sunshine Airbrush Tanning in Lincroft, NJ has donated three gift certificates for a full body organic spay on tanning session (a $34.00 value each, donating $102.00 in services).  (732) 530-9019

Freezi-Yo!  Frozen yogurt and gourmet coffee bar, located in Atlantic Highlands, NJ has donated three gift certificates that can go towards a party (a $25.00 value each, donating $75.00).  (732) 291-8400

Moonstruck Restaurant located in Asbury Park, NJ has donated a $50.00 gift certificate featuring their premier signature American Grill-Mediterranean Style food.  (732) 988-0123

Howell Chamber of Commerce located in Howell, NJ has donated 2 lanes of action packed bowling for 4 bowlers each, 2-3 games each plus shoes ($150.00 value). (732) 363-4114

Hotel Tides Restaurant & Spa located in Asbury Park, NJ has donated a $50.00 gift certificate to stay at their boutique hotel, dine at their elegant restaurant, which features New American Cuisine, relax by the sun-drenched pool. (732) 897-7744

Decor & You owner Janine Smith, serving Monmouth and Ocean County as a custom designer and interior decorator donating a whopping $1,000.00 gift certificate for a Surya 100% wool area rug, sized 5’x 8′ and will provide a full 90 minute in home or office decorating consultation.   (732) 804-3182

Knowledge Bennett Gallery located in Asbury Park, NJ has donated an amazing print a $400.00 value.  Check out his contemporary gallery by clicking (732) 898-2393

GoodSports is donating a $200.00 gift basket with $50.00 in shirts/goods.   They have all kinds of sports including: soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, flag football, dodge ball and more!  GoodSports USA is located on 10 acres in Wall Township and is a year-round sports complex in NJ for athletic leagues, clinics, camps, parties and corporate events.

East Coast Karate II located in Sea Girt, NJ will be donating four vouchers good for a uniform and one full month of training.   Plus, a fifth voucher as a bonus to a “High Energy” Martial Arts Birthday Party ($150.00 Value)!  Each voucher represents a $150.00 for a total of $750.00 in services donated to Hometown Heroes Restore the Shore.  They teach Kojukai, which is a hybrid martial arts system that at its core is designed for one thing, “To Get You Out Of Harm’s Way!”  (908) 902-2382

Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce located in Ship Bottom, NJ has donated for 4 General Admission certificates to “Chowder Fest” 2013 ($80.00 Value).  (609) 494-7211

Valerie Barba, DDS, LLC located in Manasquan, NJ is donating a gift certificate for services that include a comprehensive dental examination, periodontal screening, oral cancer screening, TMJ screening, check-up x-rays, a professional dental cleaning and oral hygiene instruction (a $275.00 Value).  (732) 223-4416

Chamber of Commerce of Spring Lake, located in Spring Lake, NJ is donating a $50.00 gift certificate to local shops.  (732) 449-0577

Classic Furs and Leathers, located in Manalapan, NJ is donating: 1) Microfiber jacket trimmed with sable, it retails for $500.00, 2) Natural Mahogany Mink Headband retail value $100.00 its one size fits all, 3) Black Lambskin Gloves retails for $ 100.00 and 4) A $ 100.00 Gift Certificate.  (Total retail value for Hometown Heroes is $800.00).  (732) 972-6662

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Manasquan offers Ballroom & Latin Dancing.  Our door prize for Hometown Heroes is a gift certificate for One Introductory Private Lesson, One Group Class and One Friday Night Social ($185.00 Value).  (732) 528-0151

Garrow Family Chiropractic located in Sea Girt, NJ has donated a get out of pain, full chiropractic evaluation and 3 free adjustments with a tube of Biofreeze and an ice pack (valued over $400.00). Thank you, Dr. Tony Garrow for helping Hometown Heroes Restore the Shore. (732) 223-1990


WOW!!! The BIG Kahuna (John Rubio) Has Something Important To Share With All of His BIG Kahuna Maniacs….We now have the #1 pop entertainer in the world stopping by to help us help Hometown Heroes and displaced families.

On 3.25.13 Jackson’s electrifying performance, with his single sparkly glove and black sequined jacket, helped elevate him to another level on Good Morning America.

I know all your HUGE MJ fans are going to come out in full force to see this electifying performance LIVE at the Double Tree Hilton hotel on Saturday, March 30th from 11:30 am till 3:00pm.

John Rubio, is a world direct marketer, and author.  Clients call him, “The BIG Kahuna of Direct Marketing.”










Again, you know what to do, sign up now, buy a gift card from the Jackson or Jersey Shore Premium Outlets for $25 to $50 and bring your entire family to the BIG SHOW….plus…They will have over $31,299.00 in FREE door busting giveaways.



COMING ATTRACTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: The 10th Year Anniversary Monmouth-Ocean County Food Bank Benefit Concert sponsored by the Ocean Grove Area Chamber of Commerce and Classical Guitarist David Cohen Saturday January 26th 2013 By Calvin Schwartz COMING ATTRACTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: The 10th Year Anniversary Monmouth-Ocean County Food Bank Benefit Concert sponsored by the Ocean Grove Area Chamber of Commerce and Classical Guitarist David Cohen Saturday January 26th 2013 By Calvin Schwartz(0)

COMING ATTRACTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: The 10th Year Anniversary Monmouth-Ocean County Food Bank Benefit Concert sponsored by the Ocean Grove Area Chamber of Commerce and Classical Guitarist David Cohen Saturday January 26th 2013   By Calvin Schwartz




Classical Guitarist David Cohen is into his 10th year of benefit concerts for the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties; a cause which NJ Discover was become involved in as we’ve spent several days documenting and filming the amazing work they do (after Sandy) and all year long; every day.  The Monmouth & Ocean Counties Food Bank distributes around 7 million pounds of food annually through a network of 265 meal programs . Since  Sandy, the Monmouth -Ocean County Food Bank has provided hot meals to displaced families and delivered critically needed items to some of the regions hardest hit areas. But it’s what they do all year long that is unsung and quite amazing.  So this concert on Saturday is a must for the cause and the music of David Cohen and guests in a atmosphere setting a few blocks from our Atlantic Ocean in Ocean Grove.

In addition to David Cohen on classical & flamenco guitar, Chinese pipa and bagpipes will include area favorite’s Jo Wymer vocalist and guitarist, M’Zume Carnival percussion ensemble and the Pipes & Drums of the Jersey Shore Shillelagh’s.  This becomes one of those magical Jersey evenings along the Jersey shore.





MOC Food Bank Concert

Saturday January 26, 2013

Jersey Shore Arts Center|

92 Lawrence Avenue, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756

7:30 PM (doors open at 6:45PM)


Tickets: $12 advance $15 door

available: Chamber of Commerce Office 45 Pilgrim Pathway, Ocean Grove or

online   Online ticket purchases automatically entered into Ocean Grove Get A Way weekend drawing.

At the concert there will be Raffles & Silent Auctions. Items available for preview


David Cohen classical guitar, flamenco guitar, Chinese pipa, bagpipes

Jo Wymer   guitar, vocals

M’zume Carnival   percussion

Special Guests: The Pipes and Drums of the Jersey Shore Shillelaghs


The Food Bank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties

Mission-To alleviate hunger and build food security in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.


Contact: Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce 732-7741391

David Cohen 732-213-8111


Calvin Schwartz



COMING ATTRACTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Coming Together “A Hometown Heroes Benefit for Seaside” Strand Theater, Lakewood. Saturday January 26th 2013  By Calvin Schwartz COMING ATTRACTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Coming Together “A Hometown Heroes Benefit for Seaside” Strand Theater, Lakewood. Saturday January 26th 2013 By Calvin Schwartz(0)

COMING ATTRACTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Coming Together “A Hometown Heroes Benefit for Seaside” Strand Theater, Lakewood. Saturday January 26th 2013


I’m always selective on this segment for NJ Discover before I recommend. I look at venues/performers and in this case one of my favorite historic theaters replete with ambiance and ghosts of The Great Gatsby; the Strand was built in 1922. What a wonderful venue to listen to rock, dream, drift back to the future for a few moments. Yes I love the Strand. I also love when the message gets out to the world embraced by NJ Discover to get off your sedentary sofas and take full advantage of all that New Jersey has to offer. And the offerings these days come with reasons to believe;  doing something for our home state and benefiting Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. There used to be a New Jersey tourism commercial, “New Jersey and You, Perfect Together.” Same deal here at the Strand. I love LOVE this line up of hometown Jersey rock bands and opportunities to meet and greet actors and band members before hand. It’s all a perfect night. And there is NO football this weekend. Perfect. Music. Food. Drink. People. Strand Theater. and Rock and Roll. and a great cause: To benefit Seaside with some of Jersey’s Greatest Hometown Heroes. See you at the Strand.

Calvin Schwartz









Event: Coming Together! Benefit Fundraiser for Families Struck by Hurricane Sandy

January 26, 2013

Strand Theater – Lakewood NJ

Meet & Greet –

Tentatively: 5:00 to 6:30PM

Includes food and beverages and DJ

Cake from Cake Boss

On Hand for Meet and Greet:

Joe Sernio ( All My Children )

Warren Bub ( No One Lives Forever)

Garry Pastore (Law and Order, Hudson Film Studio)

Artie Pasquale ( Sopranos )

Rick Zahn ( Its Always sunny in Philadelphia)

Others to be announced…

Main Show: 7:00PM – 11:30PM


Shorty Long Band

International recording artist New Jersey’s Chris Leone

Eddie Testa Band

Nick Clemons Band  




Gary Rupenian (The Bangs

Surrender Darcy Band

a little surprise by Vin-Taze

Edison’s Children

Gary Rupenian (The Bangs

Surrender Darcy Band













Also, there will be blind auctions and a 50/50 drawing








Cost for Tix:

$40.00 for show w/meet and greet – limited tickets!

$25.00 for Main Event


Goal: To help as many families as possible!

Families being helped will also be present


Calvin Schwartz

A MAJOR MUSICAL EVENT: “Celebrating Clarence: The Big Man’s Birthday Benefit”  January 12th Wonder Bar. Asbury Park.  AND This JUST in: A real saxaphone Birthday Cake!!!   by Calvin Schwartz A MAJOR MUSICAL EVENT: “Celebrating Clarence: The Big Man’s Birthday Benefit” January 12th Wonder Bar. Asbury Park. AND This JUST in: A real saxaphone Birthday Cake!!! by Calvin Schwartz(0)

Celebrating Clarence: The Big Man’s Birthday Benefit

The “Official Clemons Family Event” – to celebrate New Jersey’s newly declared “Clarence Clemons Day”.



On Jan 12th we will be celebrating the birthday of the Big Man – Clarence Clemons at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park. This is a benefit to raise money for area school district music departments that have lost instruments and various supplies in the storm. We urge all of you to attend it will be a great event and for a great cause that will see immediate results for our local communities!

The Bands lined up to play are……

The Nick Clemons Band

Jobonanno & The Godsons

Steve Smith and the Nakeds

with special guest JT Bowen and MANY MORE!



We will be singing Happy Birthday and will have a cake from non other than Carlos Bakery in Hoboken. They are creating a saxophone masterpiece.  Carlo’s Bakery IS the setting of the hit TLC show “Cake Boss”



The State of New Jersey has made an official declaration….January 11th is now “Clarence Clemons Day” and although there will be many events in the following weeks; this is the official “Clemons Family Event”.  We hope that you will put this special birthday benefit show on your calendar as friends, fans and loved ones of the Big Man to celebrate his birthday.

Proceeds to benefit Jersey Shore school music departments affected by Hurricane Sandy!  There will be a Silent Auction to further raise money for the school music departments.  All support is appreciated for this event by musician to support the arts and up and coming musicians in our schools.

Facebook event page:

Doors 6pm.  Tickets $15 advance $20 at the door.

Tickets on sale now at Ticketmaster and the Stone Pony Box Office.



Historic ingredients (alignment of celestial forces of relevancy) of a special day/musical concert: There have been Hurricane Sandy events throughout our state. We’ve all come to understand what ‘Jersey Strong’ means. We live it every day; always have; just so much more pronounced these days. You take this awareness and add the late great Clarence Clemon’s Birthday on January 11th and the historic resolution by the New Jersey Senate to annually honor one of the Jersey Shore’s (and worlds) most iconic musicians with a day named after him. Every Jan. 11 will now be Clarence Clemons Day. Last week the NJ Senate passed a resolution sponsored by Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11) that memorializes the legendary saxophonist from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

More ingredients. The Clemons Family and Nick Clemons (Clarence Clemons III) chose to celebrate Clarence’s birthday with “Celebrating Clarence: The Big Man’s Birthday Benefit” at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park  January 12th.

Even More ingredients. Nick Clemons has a sensitive and caring soul tuned to the pulse of what’s relevant, happening and charitable (pay it forward) in our Jersey world. Last summer, he produced the Asbury Comedy and Music Festival to benefit the Lenny Bruce Foundation and Lenny’s House.  With this benefit on January 12th, Nick and the Clemons Family decided to raise money for area school district music departments that have lost instruments and various supplies in Hurricane Sandy; how relevant and meaningful to give to the dramatically impacted world of music education in the name of iconic musician Clarence Clemons.

I just talked to Emma Fretz, instrument, choral and general music instructor at both Point Pleasant Beach High and Bay Head Schools which suffered heavy damage to their music resources. Things you never realize: In Bay Head School, they had seven feet of water in the music room. And “because the room is two feet below sea level, content insurance does not cover this and the insurance is null and void,” Emma explained. So their music program resources were completely destroyed. “You don’t realize how expensive even the little things are, like sheet music or hand bells,” Emma continued.  Along comes Clarence’s birthday, Nick Clemons and his energy and we’ve got a special night of music and birthday celebrations ; as I say, “Get off the sedentary sofa and come for music, celebration, a poignant cause and history.”

I think the perfect celestial alignment of stars, moon and Big Man.

Calvin Schwartz

December 26th 2012





FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties (video) FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties (video)(0)

NJDiscover’s FoodBank video shown at the Restore the Shore Concert Series on Thursday at the Strand Theater in Lakewood.
Proceeds from the concert went to the FoodBank of Monmouth & Ocean Counties.
For every $1 the FoodBank provides 3 meals.

In the United States:

  • In New Jersey:In 2008, one in seven households (14.6%) in the US were food insecure – over 49 million people. This means they did not have access to enough food to meet their basic needs.1
  • This includes almost 17 million children.
  • In 2005, nearly one in five US children lived in homes earning at or below the Federal poverty level (17.2%).2
  • The US has the highest wage inequality, wealth disparity, poverty rate and child poverty rate of any industrialized nation.3
  • The very high cost of living makes it difficult for low-income people to make ends meet. While the Federal poverty level for a family of four has become $20,650 in 2007, a recent study showed that such a family needs over $40,000 to meet its most basic needs in New Jersey.4
  • Low wages and high cost of living forces one in every five households in New Jersey to struggle to live on an income below the Self-Sufficiency Standard, that is, inadequate to meet basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, health care, child care and transportation to work.5
  • 85% of these households have at least one person working (non-elderly, non-disabled households).4
  • 11.8% of children under 18 (over 1 million children) live below the Federal poverty line.2
  • One out of every three people receiving emergency food are children.6

In Monmouth & Ocean Counties:


Camp ROBIN Old Bridge Therapeutic Recreation Program Annual Prom. Freehold NJ [Video] Camp ROBIN Old Bridge Therapeutic Recreation Program Annual Prom. Freehold NJ [Video](0)


NJ Discover at Prom for ROBIN (Recreation Old Bridge In Need). American Hotel, Freehold. May 18, 2012


NJ Discover at Prom for ROBIN (Recreation Old Bridge In Need). American Hotel, Freehold. May 18, 2012By

Calvin Schwartz




A few weeks ago Barbara Anderson contacted me and asked about the feasibility of NJ Discover TV covering a very special event; a Prom for special needs young adults;  part of Old Bridge Township’s amazing program, ROBIN. Barbara has been involved in the program since 1986 which shares and provides much joy, care and love. The prom, greatly anticipated, has been going on for eight years; this was the first time in Freehold. A few seconds elapsed before I knew NJ Discover would be there.





The ROBIN program has grown into a comprehensive system, offering both therapeutic and diverse recreational activities. The goal of year round programming is to provide a basic introduction to recreation opportunities and lifetime skill development. The adult program has been expanded to provide opportunities to participate in some of the township’s most popular recreation programs such as fitness and yoga, cooking, crafts, computer classes, and the ever popular Friday Night Fun Program.





We watched exuberant prom attendees alight the bus and head into the hotel. Old Bridge Mayor Owen Henry personally greeted everyone with a prom favor. The mayor was thrilled and emotional; occasionally speechless over the great success of the program; the support and love the township residents provide.  Dr. James Anderson, township council and Barbara Anderson, who runs the non-profit ‘Special Projects for Special Children,’ welcomed us.  When the DJ started playing music, “Rockin Robin,” for a first dance, the dance floor filled with pure joy as did we at NJ Discover.

Contact Information:

Pete Pero, Camp ROBIN Coordinator










West End Fire Relief Fundraiser, Long Branch, NJ (Video) West End Fire Relief Fundraiser, Long Branch, NJ (Video)(0)

NJ Discover team Frank Dicopoulos and Tara-Jean Vitale attend the West End Fire Relief Fundraiser held at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa in Long Branch, New Jersey. The fundraiser, organized by the Mix Lounge and Long Branch Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Big Joe Henry of 101.5, donated 100% of the proceeds to help aid the victims of the February 13 West End Fire on Brighton Avenue. 

Restaurants that donated services to the the fundraiser.
Tre Amici, Jesse’s Cafe, WindMill, Rooney’s Ocean Crab House, Tuzzio’s Restaurant, MIX Lounge and Food Bar, CIAO Restaurant, Sallee Tee’s Restaurant, Draft House, Cake, Bake & Roll, DIVE! Coastal Bar, R&R Marketing, Anjelica’s, Salad Shack, Rook Coffee Roasters, Court Liquors, Shore Point Distributors and Dozortsev & Sons Enterprises.


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