Marlboro, NJ (Boston) Tea Party: Governor Murphy Press Conference: “Protecting New Jersey Taxpayers “ February 9, 2018 by Calvin Schwartz

Marlboro, NJ (Boston) Tea Party: Governor Murphy Press Conference: “Protecting New Jersey Taxpayers “  February 9, 2018   by Calvin Schwartz

Calvin Schwartz







Marlboro Mayor Jonathan Hornik Opening Remarks Press Conference

I love assignments that have no traffic lights in transit. This event at Marlboro Town Hall was for all the red, blue and grey citizens. My spin today was a tea party, remindful of history, taxation without representation, tea in Boston Harbor and contemporary Jerseyans paying among the highest property taxes in the nation. When President Trump signed the tax bill into law this past December, it capped local property tax exemption in the Federal Tax Code.

Governor Murphy called a press conference in Marlboro, New Jersey today to discuss proposed state legislation that would allow taxpayers to make charitable contributions to local governments which would then be applied to property tax payments. The Governor first acknowledged that Marlboro and Mayor Jonathan Hornik pioneered nationally, a property tax program, revolutionary in scope, by encouraging residents to ‘Shop Marlboro’ and save on property taxes.



Governor Murphy at Press Conference

“New Jersey is not affordable. This is not a Democratic, Republican issue but for all residents.”  Important to note, the Governor mentioned that similar programs already exist in 33 states, many of those are “red.”  Indeed, the IRS has to affirm and respond to New Jersey’s initiative. “But there is so much precedent out there…. “This is the right thing to do… It won’t solve the property tax problem.”

Asked why the state is proposing this legislation and not local municipalities, the Governor stated, “There is stronger legal footing if it’s State Law.”  

Several Monmouth County Mayors were also in attendance including Mayors Doherty, Belmar, Donovan, Manasquan, Siciliano, Ocean, and Tagliarini, Aberdeen. Opportunity after the conference to talk to Mayor Tagliarini, who was supportive of this legislative initiative, which could make a huge difference in funding the libraries of Aberdeen and Matawan, a shared effort.

Governor Murphy closed remarks, “We are committed to strengthening the middle class.” The quote, “If you claim the rise, you own the fall,” also hit my ear drums. No matter how this initiative gets sliced, it can help New Jersey’s tax burdened citizens. An hour later, this reporter hit the gym for 2 ½ hours and back at home, I had a glass of green tea.  

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