Enough is Enough! How Many lives And How Much Property And Land Have To Be Lost Because of Fire, Before Something Is Done About It! If You Wait, It’s Too Late!

Nassau County Fire Service Academy To Conduct Timely Burn Demonstration Which Implements New Pro-Active Fire Technology and Strategy when Combatting Wildfires and Arson!

Old Bethpage, NY         December 5, 2017
Steve Conboy, President and CEO of M-Fire Suppression, Inc. is from Massapequa, NY. Conboy, a 40 year veteran in the resilient building and fire prevention industry is returning home Thursday, December 7th. at 1:00 pm to conduct a burn demonstration at the Nassau County Fire Service Academy. The event will highlight an environmentally safe and highly effective fire inhibitor technology that dramatically slows the ignition rate and flame spread of fire.
The burn demonstration is dramatic and self explanatory and will be conducted in front of local city and fire officials, local and national builders, and developers. 10 national builders and others have already embraced and implemented this technology into all of their multifamily buildings going up during construction to protect them from arson and accidental fires. This same technology (AAF31) which is Underwriters Laboratory GreenGuard Gold certified, is also being introduced as a pro-active approach to preventing the spread of wildfires!

Conboy states, “The ability for multifamily builders to protect firefighters and first responders lives and their construction sites during construction from arson and accidental fires is paramount, the opportunity to protect land and vegetation in advance of fire is game changing! If you wait, it’s too late! Enough is enough! How much has to be lost before something is done about it?”


Photos and video from previous burn demonstrations are available upon request! Thank You!

Frank Dicopoulos

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