MFI Holiday Tree Burn Demo – [Video]

MFI Holiday Tree burn demo

In this video you are witnessing how our AAF31 water based fire inhibitor can suppress a fire in a dry Fir tree. This AAF31  is currently defending wild fires and in many cases without having to drop it from super tankers planes as a wetting agent counting on water to get the job done.

Each year millions of fresh cut Fir Trees are put up in homes during the holiday season.  Firefighters respond to an average of 210 home fires per year which began with the ignition of these trees.  Our Fire inhibitor is non-toxic, water based and UL Green Guard Gold certified.  Our product inhibits the fire by interrupting the chemical chain reaction that occurs when wood burns.  We do this by capturing the (H+, OH-, O-) free radicals that are produced during fire.

This is illustrated in the pictures below.


This reduces risk, damage and gives you valuable time to escape and Firefighters time to arrive on site and extinguish the fire.

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